Oksana Grigorieva Denies Leaking Mel Gibson Tape

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Mel Gibson is a vile, sexist, racist, hate-filled individual.

That said, the fact that his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva, was secretly recording him on the phone begs another set of questions.

Did she provoke the Mel Gibson rant that leaked to tabloids over the weekend? Is she responsible for the leak? Should she be held in contempt of court for it?

Oksana Grigorieva says she never meant for the nasty Mel Gibson tape to go public and has "no idea" who leaked it. Uhhh, so since she recorded it, who did?

Mel and Oksana are currently battling over custody of their eight-month-old daughter, Lucia. She accuses him of hitting her and even of making a gun threat.

Is Oksana Grigorieva trying to set Mel Gibson up?

Confronted by Pacific Coast News, Oksana did not have much to say about Mel, but insists she didn't want the tapes out there and she thinks "it's terrible."

Mel's side isn't buying her story, and his lawyers have already filed a contempt motion against Grigorieva because they believe she did in fact leak the tapes.

It's unclear what the consequences would be if they prove this, but attorneys for Gibson allege that Oksana is lying about him hitting her and is extorting him.

They say she recorded him in secret and wanted money for the tapes.

None of this changes that Mel's true colors - those of a boorish, despicable human being - were exposed on the tape. But it makes you question her motives.


Excuse me...I am open-minded and I sure do see the side of her 'setting him up' to be caught, but doesn't it sound like she had good reason? She did not force him to say what he says in the recording. He admits to having punched her in the head and knocking her teeth out, attacking her with their child in her arms, and then he threatens to hit her with a club, and then promices to put her "in the f*cking rose garden." Think about that...


I am a woman and I believe that this lady was calculating and is disturbed. The newest tape, at first I thought it was a bad actor and realized it was her. Common ladies, haven't you all known someone like this? If not, good for you. It seems to me that since things are not going her way suddenly out popes this tape. I am sorry but have a brain. The guy is loaded. She dates him and has his kid in a year and now that she isn't getting "enough money" she tapes him without his knowing and in the tape she sounds like miss perfect all the while we don't get to hear everything she said. But certainly we get to hear everything he said. We have all gotten in nasty fights with our spouses, bad boyfriends and have said things we are not proud of. Can you imagine if they all taped us without us knowing and made it pubic while they sounded like the perfect man! Anyone that can not use protection during sex wants a child. The whole reason the marriage was off was because of money.


Has anyone listened to the tapes? Sure he is angry, ok he may not be the best guy on the planet. But if you listen to the tapes it's quite clear that the calm and calculating Oksana totally set this up. And want exactly is Mel angry about - about someone taking his love throwing it away like rubish and using him - ummm now how many other people out there would be just as angry. Tell you what, Adrea, you go out with a guy that seals you heart, then on top wants your children AND half your money, and does it in a viscious calculating way - then have them tape your angry rant when they call you and tell you that they suckered you (cutting off that part of the tape.) -Then release the tape to the media for cash. Bottom line - Mel is angry at being totally hurt by a calculating and evil woman. Who wouldn't!


Whoever wrote this article is AN IDIOT. Did she provoke him???? So now women have to provoke men and that sort of justifies the abuse they receive?? Arent there reports of him breaking her teeth? Whoever wrote this article is about to get complained to, and I will send multiple emails demanding your resignation fromt his job.


I worked in the legal profession for many years. One thing we tell everybody who is in any kind of conflict whether it relates to a personal injury or otherwise is to record everything. Keep meticulous notes. I imagine this would be even more important if you were feeling threatened so that you would have the evidence to take steps to protect yourself. Had she spoken to the police about her concerns they likely would have told her to keep records of her contact with him. That way should she require a restraining order or need to file harrassment charges she has the evidence to back up her claims.

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