Oksana Grigorieva Denies Leaking Mel Gibson Tape

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Mel Gibson is a vile, sexist, racist, hate-filled individual.

That said, the fact that his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva, was secretly recording him on the phone begs another set of questions.

Did she provoke the Mel Gibson rant that leaked to tabloids over the weekend? Is she responsible for the leak? Should she be held in contempt of court for it?

Oksana Grigorieva says she never meant for the nasty Mel Gibson tape to go public and has "no idea" who leaked it. Uhhh, so since she recorded it, who did?

Mel and Oksana are currently battling over custody of their eight-month-old daughter, Lucia. She accuses him of hitting her and even of making a gun threat.

Is Oksana Grigorieva trying to set Mel Gibson up?

Confronted by Pacific Coast News, Oksana did not have much to say about Mel, but insists she didn't want the tapes out there and she thinks "it's terrible."

Mel's side isn't buying her story, and his lawyers have already filed a contempt motion against Grigorieva because they believe she did in fact leak the tapes.

It's unclear what the consequences would be if they prove this, but attorneys for Gibson allege that Oksana is lying about him hitting her and is extorting him.

They say she recorded him in secret and wanted money for the tapes.

None of this changes that Mel's true colors - those of a boorish, despicable human being - were exposed on the tape. But it makes you question her motives.


Are you being serious when you say that lawyers and police officers would tell a alleged victim to go back into a "dangerous and volatile" situation in which she supposedly being abused so she could document things? Why the hell didn't she leave after the first incident? Why continue in a relationship that you plan on documenting? It just doesn't make sense. And it certainly does not sound like the battered woman syndrome.


again I repeat, Mel Gibson is a Narsissist....the woman had a baby with Mel, don't you think she would rather have a normal Daddy for her child, the bonus is that he already had heaps of money, why would she be tricking him????? MEL GIBSON IS A NARSISISSIST.....ITS ALL ABOUT HIM


I'm not a big fan of Mel Gibson or of people going crazy but there are women out there who know exactly how to push mens' buttons, prostitute themselves to rich and famous men for a lavish life, and when the men catch on and refuse to be exploited any further, set them up and screw them in the media and the law courts. Gibson's biggest mistake is he got taken in by a pretty but a ruthless and scheming hooker. All famous, rich, men take note.


Darren John Edmonds.....read about Narsissism, Narsissism and his family, Narsissism and his money...take a look at your own relationships???????? How can you call him dignified, loving when he keeps calling Oxsana a whore, a c...t, f...king bitch.....I'm sorry, that is not love. Never abuse anyone, ever..let alone your partner.....


All of you who side with Mel Gibson, take a look at your own relationships...there is NEVER EVER EVER AND EXCUSE FOR ABUSE. EVER.. Mel Gibson has flipped it on alcohol and nicotine addictions because he has NARSISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. He wants control of Oxsanas life. Mel Gibsons drug is for attention...a little baby took focus off Mel....


why is she soooo cool through this whole conversation. I wouldn't be if someone was talking to me like that. If you ask me Mel was being set up by a gold digger but then Mel you should have stayed with your with of 30 years not some slick Russian not to be trusted chick who obviously knew what she was up to from the get go. Men,,,,,,why do they always think only with the little heads.


Many years ago I went through an ugly divorce and custody battle and was advised by my attorney to avoid speaking with my estranged husband but to also tape every conversation. So that part I understand. In my case he agreed to settle out of court when he learned that I had taped some of his rants. He didn't want those played in a courtroom. But my children have never and will never hear them, and neither has anyone else - aside from my attorney. Maybe she set him up, and if she did - shame on her. But he didn't make it very difficult, did he? Yes, people say things when they are angry. But - think about this - if he were talking to your daughter or your sister that way wouldn't you be worried for her and wouldn't you tell her to get the (*&$ out of that relationahip? He does sound deranged and violent.


Thank you all, you have provided a clear window of understanding why abuse, and abusers, go nearly always free. No one ever has "set-up" what anyone else will, would or does say. Particularly not in personal circumstances where facts are only partly the issue- here they are secondary.
But you all hate the woman because she "caught" the guy- or rather he decided that a woman the age of his kid would be nice to have in bed, free of any responsibility, of course. One thing is clear: women are a commodity to Gibson to get rid off at any time; the kids they bear are his property.
If this is what you consider a nice guy, I pity you.


No...shes evil. i can only imagine people recording me when i've been angry or some other real good people i know. I seen a fight between a couple where they said the worst things to each other but then quickly forget and make up. Hypocrites everywhere!!!!


The downfall of every great man is a woman or vise versa!!!!! There is nothing more evil then a calculating spouse. She set him up slowly and the evidence is in the tapes. She mentions that she fell asleep and thats why she wasnt answering because he was not ready for the jacuzzi. This means she kept hanging up on him untill he was real mad. Also she seems to cool and unhinged by all the evil things he was saying. She kept hanging up on him and when his temper flared she hit record. Its obvious at the beginning of the eight minute tape when he demands her to stay on the phone. I can imagine her saying i'm taking your child and bla bla bla but we didnt hear that.

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