New Taylor Momsen Video: Too Racy For Her Age?

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Taylor Momsen says she's not Miley f'ing Cyrus.

The two seem to have a similar urge to let their inner bad girls loose, however. Like the Hannah Montana pioneer, this is one Gossip Girl star who can't be tamed!

Taylor's band, The Pretty Reckless, just released a music video for their song "Miss Nothing," and, like Miley, she's already being criticized for being too risque.

She's 16 going on 17 (Monday), but she looks like she's 16 going on 30 in this video, which can be unintentionally funny, edgy, lame and sexy at the same time.

Okay, nix that last part. It's not sexy. Sixteen. So wrong. We're curious to hear what you think, though. Check out the "Miss Nothing" video below and vote in our poll:

What do you think of Taylor Momsen's new video? Too racy?


Well guess who picks all the shit out for music videos and such, not the band thats for sure. they are told what to wear and what to do for these sort of things.


TO ruchi: You are a perfect example of what is wrong with today's youth-do you know how to write a complete sentence without all the short-hand?? You are not twittering here!!!
MIley or Taylor? NEITHER they both act inappropriate for their age-PERIOD!!!


Well after watching this video I think it's disrespectful to portray the Last supper like this. And she looks like Courtney Love and the scary ass chick from that movie the Grudge..... But the song is cool.


I would not let my sixteen year old crawl around in that short of a dress. she just look trashy


Well, I don't like Miley seriously. I think taylor is better. But I do think it's a bit over here.


taylor momsen iz cool......while miley is just a poser!!....i luved momsens 'make me wanna die'.....but hav to agree this vedio is kinda funny!!......wat r the guys der 4??


what is she stoned? there is nothing sexy about this. i'd pick miley over her any day!


Yes, she's 16 but c'mon IT SELLS. I mean, TPR is a punk rock band snd she is the 'frontman' so she must act like that. It would be a fiasco if she acts like Hannah Montana.


Miley cyrus seems to be nothing compared to her...

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