New Taylor Momsen Video: Too Racy For Her Age?

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Taylor Momsen says she's not Miley f'ing Cyrus.

The two seem to have a similar urge to let their inner bad girls loose, however. Like the Hannah Montana pioneer, this is one Gossip Girl star who can't be tamed!

Taylor's band, The Pretty Reckless, just released a music video for their song "Miss Nothing," and, like Miley, she's already being criticized for being too risque.

She's 16 going on 17 (Monday), but she looks like she's 16 going on 30 in this video, which can be unintentionally funny, edgy, lame and sexy at the same time.

Okay, nix that last part. It's not sexy. Sixteen. So wrong. We're curious to hear what you think, though. Check out the "Miss Nothing" video below and vote in our poll:

What do you think of Taylor Momsen's new video? Too racy?


She is boring... and no one really cares what she does so she is trying to get attention... ¬_¬

@ Andie

You're wrong, I care and a lot of other people do! She's facking talented, and awesome. So, that you don't care doesn't mean others don't care eather. And for all the haters, get a life. She's awesome and if you don't like her than just go facking away.


I don't know her or her song so I played the video and I could not watch it through it was so disturbing. She is a child and this video should be illegal. She is too young to understand what she is doing. Where are her parents?!


Does Miley actually matter when compared to Taylor? They're both completely different people; raised differently, in different families, different television shows. But acting this way is their choice, no-one elses. Taylor dresses like that to scare people off and can you honestly say its not working? She looks like Lindsay Lohan on a Friday night.


To kiana stead: I am old enough to know that these teeny boppers do not act or look there age! What is it to you!?? I have a right to my opinion-THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
Jill has it right that Taylor is a mini courtney love in the making!!


Awww...she's like a little tiny Courtney Love...smeared make-up and raggedy looking clothes and all!


Taylor makes my ears bleed!!! She thinks shes hot. I CAN'T STAND her. As much as i hate Miley Cyrus, I would rather listen to her crap before this waste of time junk!


I think it is inappropriate for her age it like what playboy bunnies wear and Taylor is nothing like Miley except the both sing and act. I don't really know any songs by Taylor but I like Mileys songs and I don't think Miley is inapropriate for her age shes almost 2 yrs older then Taylor and she wasnt wearing these cloths at 16 but thats my opinion


To Jennifer Russ- bahahahahaha that was the 1st thing i thought of too. the grudge tehehehehehehehe thats good stuff! somebody needs to put that girl in a box before she becomes the next celeb in rehab! then they need to find her parents and ask why they dont parent her and obviously just act like her friend! let my kid be acting crazy like that!


The song is good the video is lame!! and its not because she is only 16 it wouldn't matter who it was performing. Who cares if she is 16, the only reason anyone is throwing a fuss about it is because Miley started out on Disney and was formed to entertain young children, and Taylor just happens to be in the same age group. Look at how young Britney Spears and Christina Agulaira started out. Besides it's the parents who allow them to do this because it's the kids bringing in the MOOLA for them...


TO Monkey. What age are you to say what is appropriate and whats not?

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