Mother of Bethenny Frankel Fires Back at Reality Star

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According to multiple sources, TV's Real Housewives are nothing but real, big liars.

First, the man that filmed himself having sex with Danielle Staub had the nerve to call that totally stable, victimized woman a phony.

Now, the mother of Bethenny Frankel is chiming in, saying her daughter has exaggerated the difficulties of her childhood. In an interview with People, Frankel said this month: "I never had a true childhood. There was a lot of destruction: alcohol abuse, eating disorders and violent fights."

How accurate is that statement, according to Bernadette Birk?

"I love my daughter, but what she's saying is killing me," Birk tells Star Magazine, denying that she was ever a bulimic alcoholic.

Birk adds that Bethenny is "the most important person in my world."

Then again, she also confirms she's only spoken to Frankel twice in the last decade. And she was likely paid to give this interview.

So while Bethenny may be milking her life story for attention and sympathy, it's clear her mother isn't exactly the Carol Brady of parental units.


I agree with Shelly, March 14.
No one had a perfect childhood but we all have the opportunity to move one. Who knows what Britany's daughter will say about Bethany some day?
Bethany can't expect to keep bad mouthing her mother publically and not expect her mother to respond. Dah! People change, give mom a chance. Forgiveness is very healing.


Too many compimeltns too little space, thanks!


Bethenny Frankel you are nothing but a whiny, drama seeking, crybaby. You need to suck it up and move on. For God's sakes be a woman and stop crying all the time. Stop making drama where there is none. I feel so sorry for your poor daughter who will grow up to be just as neurotic as her mother. Hopefully, Jason or his parents will step up and do smething before it's too late.
If I hear one more time how "Hard" her life is I think I'll puke.


Bethenny, My Mother wasn't a great Mom either. You are a much better Mother than she was. Remember what ever your mother would have done raising you, you do the oppsite and you will always be better than her. Don't let her keep rocking your world. Don't give her reason for Star to go to her to get her opnion. Let her go. She is NUTS. You are great.


Be the best you can be that is the best you can do I forgave my mom after she got sober and which gave me about ten year with the mom I never knew
Love ya


Love your show. Let go of the past and move on before your Daughter gets older you dont want her to see any of your emotional brakdowns my mother didnt have a great childhood and she carried it thru life and as much as i loved her when i was little it was scary sometimes, you have a great life now let it go you can forgive her. You dont have to have her in your life but you dont have to keep punishing her either, It is her loss now


The world is full of "evil" people, my mother was one also. You are doing the right thing by keeping the evil people out of your life. Don't allow them to stain your world, keep your daughter, your husband and his lovely parents close. I have done this in my own life and I have no regrets. Your show is great and real, thanks for the peek inside. Big Fan!


No matter Bethenny you have a great husband and new family and that should be your priorty. I dont belive some people like your mom or mine knew how to love and thats ok . However with the near same lives we led i just told the woman 20 years ago i dont like you, i dont hate you, truth be told i dont know you and dont want to . BEEN FREE EVER SINCE have a great husband and family and very blessed life. i wish u the same...cutie bren how so blessed you are now.


It is time for Bethenny to stop punishing her mother (and by doing so, herself and the baby) and let her mother in. Even if just a little, to start. None of us had perfect childhoods. Bethenny needs to grow up and make amends with the person who gave her life.


Bethenny was and is leading with her chin on this one. I was surprised that she was so vulnerable on this. Tho it is her choice how long is she going to hold onto and justify her childhood trauma? I say work it out and move on, you are not a victim any more. Thats what I want to see change in her.