More Kendall Jenner Modeling Pics: SHE'S 14!!!

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Suddenly, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen seem like mature adults, wearing clothing completely appropriate for their ages...

A couple days after new modeling shots of Kendall Jenner hit the Internet, photographer Nick Saglimbeni has released more pictures he recently took of the 14-year old.

Yes, 14-year old. That bears repeating over and over and over, as you check out the photos of Kendall below. They feature the young teenager in a string bikini, fishnet stockings and exposing cleavage that has no business being exposed...

Only 14
In a String Bikini

On their blogs, half-sisters Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian have expressed enormous pride over their sibling's shoot. Writes Kim: "The whole family is so proud of Kendall. Soooo much more to come!"

It's unclear why these photos are cause for pride. Considering the Kardashians' connections, it's easy to hire a photographer and get the pics published. Moreover, any 14-year old can stand in front of a camera. There's no talent or hard work involved here.

There's simply horrible judgment by a family that cares more about attention than appropriate behavior.


Skank is right .. Bruce may have won gold medals . but never as a father . wonder what his ex wife thinks about what he allowed that slutty looking porn kid to do .. I hope that kendall or whatever her name is . reads all this stuff .. YOU are a disgrace IMHO .. I would bet that a lot of what you are showing is NOT real .. plastics at such a young age .. Someone ought to call child abuse .. IMHO, again .. and the 3 older foul mouthed half sisters .. I cannot believe any of it . a bunch of trailer trash .. Perhaps Rob is OK . but the rest of 'em . including Mom & Pop are NOT .. IMHO ..


All the girls in this family are celebrity whores. I'm surprised Kendall wasn't put to work sooner.


The dope that said that most professional models are 13 and 14 is talking bull. Pure unadulterated bull. I dare that moron to type "underage super models" in the google search bar and watch the results you get. You get CHILD PORNOGRAPHY! You won't get as results professional models. No, you get child porn. The fact is, those idiots from the Kardasian family are fame whores who will do anything for fame. Now they're pushing that lanky 14 year old to expose herself and who knows, she might make a sex tape herself. Follow in Kim's footsteps. And to think everybody thought Miley Cyrus giving a lapdance to a 44 year old guy, was the worse thing that could happen. Leave it to the Kardasians to give new meaning to the term "skank".


She's not a slut.


You people have got to me kidding me. Most models you see in magazines are her age. People you think are 20 and up are usually 13, 14. In the modeling industry, this is completely normal. Most runway models are Kendall's age as well so all who opposed know absolutely nothing about the modeling industry.


Those pictures aren't normal teenage modelling- those are like MAXIM-wannabe photos. It's disgusting. Her parents have lost their minds, whoring their fourteen year old daughter out like that! It should be illegal!


she is such a slut !what happend to the sweet inocent little girl .how does her dad let her wear a string bikini that just screams sssslllluuutttt!and who is the cause of her hoeness?none other than her famous sisters kim,kourtney,khloe kardashian!!!wow what great examples!models are ment to be beatiful and she is, but you dont breed your 14 year old daughter in to ugly slut buckets .and whats up with her clothes you dont go around dressed like a hoe bag !she is growing into a young woman and once hoe is written all over your name its hard to have a clean slate .i mean its okay to want ot follow your dreams just chose wisely what you do with it !


I cannot believe the whole 'non talented' family at all and BRUCE JENNER . how can you let YOUR girls do this .. I was shocked it was NOT called 'the bruce jenner show' .. YOU are (WERE) a star the rest of them are just a bunch of no bodies .. you said to one of the girls that you felt their father, Bob K would not have liked whatever it was and you promised you would watch out for them .. I can see another UNWED mother shortly .. AND, YOU are to blame .. Chris walks all over you . she is another NO TALENT and NOT a good mother to any of her kids .. IMHO . I guess that puts YOU, Bruce in the NON TALENTED father category ..


@CrazyB: Exactly. Parents put their kids in pageants at young ages and that's HORRIBLE parenting. I'm not entirely sure what your point is here - we're saying it's inappropriate for a 14-year old to pose this way?
My porn point was an extreme was of taking you to task for your opinion that a 14-year old should simply be allowed to live out her dream no matter what -- is there really no line to this? Do you believe 14-year olds are smart enough to make certain decisions? Or isn't it the job of the parents to tell them no sometimes?


If they're so bad - why are you putting them up and giving her more attention and spreading what you consider she shouldn't be doing. They're wildly inappropriate for her age - they shouldn't be posted on gossip sites. It's weird.


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