More Kendall Jenner Modeling Pics: SHE'S 14!!!

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Suddenly, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen seem like mature adults, wearing clothing completely appropriate for their ages...

A couple days after new modeling shots of Kendall Jenner hit the Internet, photographer Nick Saglimbeni has released more pictures he recently took of the 14-year old.

Yes, 14-year old. That bears repeating over and over and over, as you check out the photos of Kendall below. They feature the young teenager in a string bikini, fishnet stockings and exposing cleavage that has no business being exposed...

Only 14
In a String Bikini

On their blogs, half-sisters Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian have expressed enormous pride over their sibling's shoot. Writes Kim: "The whole family is so proud of Kendall. Soooo much more to come!"

It's unclear why these photos are cause for pride. Considering the Kardashians' connections, it's easy to hire a photographer and get the pics published. Moreover, any 14-year old can stand in front of a camera. There's no talent or hard work involved here.

There's simply horrible judgment by a family that cares more about attention than appropriate behavior.


Looks more like a cheap whore.


She is the prettiest amongst the sisters. She looks beautiful. People need to back off and let her do what she desires. The pictures look professional, and she truly looks like a star!!!


It's a shame , the cuter that these girls are the more of a slut and the more beastiality that they are into.,They go against nature and they think it's entertaining.i


First of all yes this child is 14 and yes people remember she is still a child and its the parents who are allowing this.She should be focusing on school and and being a 14 yr old!!! Not posing looking like 20 yr old showing cleavidge and trying to look older. Her parents and the people involved should be ashamed of themselves.Especially her MOTHER!!!!Thats why the bad people do what they do to our children because we feed their minds with these children!!!Wake up Chris Jenner and try to be a mom and not an idiot for once!!! Look at your other daughters, is it worth it!!! Really!!Protect your child don't sell her!!!


...another daughter for Kris Jenner to pimp out. They are truly a disgusting talent and no future...


Hey look at it this way.....another stupid ass reality show in the making bout another jenner woman getting reality famous from the family they married into...also...the count down iz on...only 4 more yearz 'til she can grace the pagez of Father or Mother of the year are both lookin forward 2 that....then they will have another 'lil ca$h cow on their handz....2nd generation style!!!!!!!!!


She's a hottie and we need to see more of her beautiful body. You haters are either jealous or sexually repressed. The fact she's so well developed at 14 is even hotter!


Is this Kendal Jenner or Adam Lambert?


All the kardashians girls are trash starting with kim. The only thing they care about is money and they will do anything for it, making sex tapes and selling them, marrying after 1 month of courtship or getting pregnant to trap the guy into marriage. Just trash with money but still trash. MB


too much skin. Way too much. how did bruce let this fly???

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