More Eclipse Reviews: A Mixed Bag

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We loved Eclipse. We thought it was the best Twilight film so far.

But we may be alone.

Below, we've posted excerpts from a number of movie critics around the country. None of them lambasted the flick, but few were overly enthusiastic about, either. If you've seen Eclipse, we'd 'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Comment away now...

I can't pretend that the third episode instilled a fever in my blood, but it didn't leave me cold. For the first time in the series I felt I'd seen a real movie. - The Wall Street Journal

As long as these movies remain about three petulant whiners staring at each other to little effect, no rousing action sequences are going to save them from their torpor. - Las Vegas Weekly

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Saying that the third film in a series with two pretty weak prior entries is the best of the bunch may be faint praise, but that happens to be the case with Eclipse. - IGN

Director David Slade keeps the action brisk and the time-killing attractive ... All of which should be like a freshly opened vein for fans. - NPR

Kristen Stewart may be one of the most promising actresses of her generation or she may be trapped in amber forever as the drippy but inexplicably ultra-desirable Bella. - Detroit News

The first two movies were mediocre, but "Eclipse" represents one of the more astonishing upgrades in movie franchise history. - Richard Roeper

This is definitely the worst installment of the franchise to date.  - Chicago Reader

It appears to have embraced its own sense of camp and is consistently funny in an intentional way. For the first time, I found myself curious to see what comes next.  - TIME


I went to go c eclipse with my friends and it was awesome! We were suprised that it turned out to be the best one! iI think edward looked hot i loved the actoin the tent scene and of coure the fight scene i think eclipse is an awesome movie and i dont care what the critics say!


Loved the Eclipse and have already seen it twice! I will see it at least 2 more times with various friends and family. I thought Pattinson was excellent. Has no one else seen any of his other movies? He is an excellent actor. Already have the sound track and score from the movie and will definitely buy the DVD. Pattinson is a beautiful man in every way not just as Edward. Great movie, great acting by Stewart and Pattinson, great special effects.


People u need 2 stop comparing the books with the movies bcuz the books can b a bit diffrnt...i havnt cn the movi bt ive raed the books nd they were stunning so plz stop expecting the best jst bcuz u hav cn the 1st 2 cuz they r diffrnt!


best film ever much better than the first 2 y do they send old stuffy men to vew these films when they arent aimed at them. Do one!


honestly? the only thing i liked about the whole freakin movie was seeing taylor lautner, what does that say about the movie... i thnk it would have gone better if they forced KRISTEN STEWART to act more?? or something? because i've read the book, and bella is supposed to show more emotion on this movie than what kristen lousily gave us...she sucks at acting...she should take acting lessons..or at least use eye drops for tears...i was really expecting more from bella in this movie...but as Wall Street Journal says, she left me COLD...


The wig was horrid. Couldn't concentrate because of it. What happened to the amazing music that gave the first two such depth. I thought the acting was worse. The first two were soulful and endearing..this last one a typical action flick. Bored to tears...could hardly stay away. Bring back the depth.


The best twilight movie by far. I loved it!


Eclipse definitely was the best so far - hopefully Breaking Dawn "breaks" as much ground - David Slade smashed my doubts, he encompassed the emotional end as well as the physical - and covered much more of the book than the first two films put together. Rob, Kris and Taylor are excellent actors, but they can't do it on their own... and I LOVED IT!


i am a huge twilight fan, loved the first, really liked the second and not so much the third. I thought it was rushed and had to many choppy scenes the editing did not seem to flow. The romance was physically there but not there emotionally. I am seeing the difference between the female director verses the male director. they are getting the wolves scenes right, the action scenes right but the whole essence of the movie is the emotional engagement between edward and bella, it was not there as it was in twilight.Two many key issues were missing like the part after jacob kissed bella and edward was right there, it seemed false and subdued. There is power in the entanglement of the struggle and romance, this brings out some of the emotional integrity that lacked in eclipse. They need to use catherine hardwicke or someone like here as a consultant for breaking dawn.


eclipse!!!!wow!!!this movie was awesome!!!!really,it's the best of all the movies!!!i really liked twilight..then i saw new was also very very good!!but i think eclipse is the best of all!there is lot of action and romance and robert is so so beautiful!!!!!

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