More Eclipse Reviews: A Mixed Bag

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We loved Eclipse. We thought it was the best Twilight film so far.

But we may be alone.

Below, we've posted excerpts from a number of movie critics around the country. None of them lambasted the flick, but few were overly enthusiastic about, either. If you've seen Eclipse, we'd 'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Comment away now...

I can't pretend that the third episode instilled a fever in my blood, but it didn't leave me cold. For the first time in the series I felt I'd seen a real movie. - The Wall Street Journal

As long as these movies remain about three petulant whiners staring at each other to little effect, no rousing action sequences are going to save them from their torpor. - Las Vegas Weekly

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Saying that the third film in a series with two pretty weak prior entries is the best of the bunch may be faint praise, but that happens to be the case with Eclipse. - IGN

Director David Slade keeps the action brisk and the time-killing attractive ... All of which should be like a freshly opened vein for fans. - NPR

Kristen Stewart may be one of the most promising actresses of her generation or she may be trapped in amber forever as the drippy but inexplicably ultra-desirable Bella. - Detroit News

The first two movies were mediocre, but "Eclipse" represents one of the more astonishing upgrades in movie franchise history. - Richard Roeper

This is definitely the worst installment of the franchise to date.  - Chicago Reader

It appears to have embraced its own sense of camp and is consistently funny in an intentional way. For the first time, I found myself curious to see what comes next.  - TIME


I have 2 agree with the comments it was a good movie if u never read the books. I really think it's lacking in the luster of twilight. U can c even New Moon which was much better than Eclipse was almost over acted in some parts and all the soap opera music geezz... it made me embarrassed 4 them! Well atleast the sound tracks of the 1st 2 were awesome. The 3rd maybe had 4 songs that were even worth listening 2, seriously. I have 2 say maybe it wasn't the best idea changing the director after twilight!!No matter who wanted 2 leave, stick with what got you 2 where ur going...


I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. The dialogue left a lot to be desired, except for perhaps Jacob. And, Edward was very different than he was in Twilight and New Moon. He just didn't seen to have that spark or determination. Even Bella seemed that way at times. I think the best part was Jacob's. He just seemed to be played as a much stronger character. And, it sure wasn't like the book at all. Edward's character just seemed to have more weight in Twilight and New Moon. I say bring the old Edward back and Bella too.


Bella's hands are weak man or man, when you hold your man to kiss him hold him and squeeze him like you mean it.. her hands are too weak and feeble...Grab the man and kiss like you have life man!!


well Since they made the movies from the books I do agree they will have differences. But this movie was horrible, almost half the book was not in the movie. I went to the midnight premier and will not spend another dime to see this movie again. I love twilight have read all 4 books so many times it's scary plus have watched the other 2 movies until they have grooves in the blu ray. If you're making a movie from a book the one thing you could do is at least leave the book somewhere in the movie. Most of charlies scenes cut, most of edward and bella cut, jacobs cut, were they planning on cutting every scene out or shortening it to where it did not make sense at all.


I liked the movie, but it definitely wasn't like the book. That's too bad, if they had stuck to Stephanie's book it would have been that much better. I absolutely HATED Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria. That almost ruined the movie for me! Summit is feeding us a load of BS about the scheduling conflicts. I think they probably just didn't want to share the mega profits they have made on the movies with Actors that helped make them. Shame on you, Summit! I'm surprised Stephanie allowed them to risk screwing it all up. I'm sure it affected the attendance, but like I said, it was still a good movie. Just not as good as it could have been. It's the first of the three in the series that I had no desire to go and see a second time. I'll just wait for the DVD to come out. I hope they don't fuck up Breaking Dawn!


Lacked the class of Twilight and New Moon. This one was more for the kids, bitterly disappointed. Many scenes from the book weren't depicted. Unnecessary air time given to Bree Tanner, who barely features in the book.


Did I miss something where was this great action in this film?? I only saw some people die from the newborns, and one battle scene and then it was over was I sleeping through all the fighting over Bella???


Twilight is still the best movie so far. I went to see Eclipse and missed the sparks between Edward and Bella when they kissed. They just were not there anymore like they were in Twilight. I had plans to go and see it again, but decided to see a different movie instead. The chemistry is gone, too bad, I really missed it.


first off, i have read the saga seven times. from twilights front page to breaking dawns back, and i love everything about the story. but the last movie realy upset me. the firts two movies didnt go by the books every once in a while but eclipse the movie didnt go by the book at all and parts that were ment to be serious was made into some kind of joke. it was desturbing i cant beleive stephenie meyers even agreed to the scpipt but thats my opinion but i know most agree with me i dont care how kristins wig fits or if edwards glitter is right i want the movie to be closer to the books we all love my favorite book is breaking dawn lets hope they dont mess it up too if so i guess i will always have my books


I Luv the movie! :D It was fantastic. So it wasn't enitrely like the book so what. I'm pretty sure most movies aren't like the books! And it's not going to be perfect. I thought it was the best so far and the music was awesome too! One thing I didn't like was that Kristen's wig wasn't the best Wig but I could get over that. Overall I loved it and it was AWESOME!!!!!

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