Miley Cyrus on New Movie: Edgy, Different, For Mature Audiences

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Miley Cyrus is getting ready to LOL.

The actress will co-star with Demi Moore in a dramatic movie that finds her struggling with relationships and with the divorce of her parents. Those that tune in each week to watch Miley on The Disney Channel might wanna stay away, she recently warned in an interview.

"The next film I'm doing is not for the [Hannah Montana] audience," she said. "But that is why I did the last season, for my young fans... I have to choose scripts that are right for someone who is 18 because that is me.

"It's very different going from a show with a huge audience and fan base to something... independent. But I'm excited to work on a film that is going to touch people. It's edgy and different and I don't know how the fans will react, but it's something I can relate to."

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Wait... no profound cliches about how one must live a happy life? An admission that she's risking alienation among her core fans? No ridiculous quote about how this movie will empower women!?

Who is this person, and what has she done with Miley Cyrus?!?


OMG, I cant believe they cast Miley in LOL!! I know she was great in HM but The Last Song was a disaster!! It was rated 3.4/10!! They must be really brave to let her act in this movie.. Just to clear the air, lm not a Miley Hater, but so many people are, and that makes even a good movie seem bad, just like The Last Song, people even forgot about the plot and focused attention on Miley and it wasnt positive!! They made a mistake but oh well, its their choice!!


Yu said it all @Nash, Hollywood is just a fucking gay old man who apparently looks at a hot teenage slut and doesnt get turned on, he is the one who needs therapy!! What else do you want people to do with the CD? l wonder if she will let me give it to her in her sweet young ass... Hmmm


@Cliff, screw you man, that was a typo, l know we are in the 21 st century, who doesnt know that? And so what if l am potraying a trashy image of Miley? What do you care? FYI banging someone in the toilet is a compliment, it means she is so hot you couldnt wait!!
Why is everyone so hooked up on her giving away to charity, why should she?? Social Responsibility my ass, she is young why should she? Besides she serves fans like me a great purpose, take that as social responsibility.
You might wanna take Hollywoods suggestion of therapy, l know he meant me but actually its you who needs it, If you love Selena you should be in therapy, that girl looks like she is 10, l cant imagine seeing beauty in a 10 year old talk about pedophiles!!


@Hollywood, Why would you call me a dill-hole? Are you male? Coz If you are are and you are saying you dont wank to that video... its either you are gay or over 70years or maybe even both. I could list a number of things l would like that girl to do for me, l wanna tame that girl and enjoy every minute.
Opinions differ and so do preferences, you prefer to do whatever you do with her music and l listen to it for a reason so get over it. The only thing l am agreeing with you is yes we are different who wants to be a gay 70 year old man anyway?


i get bitched at for supporting the same views as me.?
you do it ALL THE TIME and yet, its wrong when i do it.
honestly, i dont get on you for supporting someones comment you like, so why dont you just leave mine alone.?


This is not some sick forum for pervs!!! The girl in question is 17 years old!!


Thats why l bought her 5 of her CDs to fantasize about her... anyone who hates on this girl is just purely jealous


Vanessa is hot yeah, l agree but its Miley that l feel like fucking hard, that girl can sure turn a man on. You see her walking around half naked, that Liam guy is just a little Aussie who hasnt learnt how to fuck... he should leave the American girls to us real men, if the Good Lord gives me 10 minutes with her... she will never dance or walk again, hell she will beg to be my little fuck toy.


Miley Cyrus??? Nah... if Vanessa Hudgens was that kind of girl l would want her, but definately not in a public toilet, that girl is too beautiful to degrade like that.


@Mark... l know exactly how you feel man, that girl can drive a man crazy any time any day. People get so hooked about saying they want real women who are shy and conservative and ladylike... Nah, l say we are in the 20th century, girls should be more like Miley,. Miley is the kinda girl you would love to bang in a public toilet, the kinda girl who can suck cock like a pro, the kinda girl you never wanna let go!
What does charity matter? Who cares if Miley dont give people who are dying with cancer money? She isnt responsible for anyone but her fans!! As long as we get to wank watching her and as long as she keeps on doing those sexy shows we cool with that!! On ward Miley!!!!!!!


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