Miley Cyrus "Furious" at Taylor Momsen Over Disney Diss

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Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen may pretend as if they're especially mature 16 and 17-year olds, but at the end of the day, it's clear: they're just like any two feuding teenage girls.

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    I know this was AGES ago but I must defend my hero here!!! Miley cyrus is hardly 'talented' in MY opinion but that is only MY opinion I really don't give a shit what other people think. ANY WHO. Taylor Momsen isn't afraid to speak her mind like everyone else in 'the business' aspose to stepping on eggshells and the whole world blowing up over a mistake. The only reason this was a big deal was because it involved Miley Cyrus. Because Taylor momsen has said ALOT worse. She's just being herself and not a try hard like Miley Cyrus. Nuf said.


    I'm on Miley side. I hate how people say Miley is a slut and taylor is not and more talented....Miley is talented too and she acts her age. Taylor is just jealous that Miley is more famous than her. Atleast miley doesn't dress slutty in public just to get an attention. Taylor is soo ugly and she needs to stop wearing heavy makeup. I love Miley and thank god she wasn't hannah montana cuz kids wouldn't look up to her.


    As far as Miley Cyrus goes, I quote Bill Hicks, "When did mediocrity and banality become a good image for your children?" As far as Taylor Momsen goes, I quote Bill Hicks again, "I want my children to listen to people who fucking ROCK!"


    Taylor have a voice and she sounds awesome alive, not like Miley.
    Also, they both dresses the same so Miley can't say that Taylor is desperate for fame, cuz I think that Miley is the desperate one in here.
    Taylor is being herself.
    Miley is just a stupid girl.


    I love both Miley &' Taylor. &' I cant blame them for being pissed off when people compare them cause they are nothing alike. Two different people, different music, different personalities.
    I've got a maaaaaaaasive woman crush on Taylor Momsen though, she is just amazing. I know she says silly things but, she's got alot going on in her life right now &' she is entitled to her own opinions. Taylor doesnt wear her garters and stockings because she wants to look like a slut, she does it cause she feels confident in them. Get over it. If you dont like her, dont talk about her, dont listen to her music. Sorted.
    BUT she is the hottest person on this planet in my opinion. Cant wait to see 'The Pretty Reckless' in Glasgow(:!


    All I know is, I am in a rock band, I am the front woman and we have a pretty big follwing, I mean i'm not making the millions and millions that either of them make, but all I know is, I have a career as a singer, it's my job, i'm 20 years old and have been doing it since I was 16...and I never had nor wanted to basically be a stripper on stage. I wouldn't want to have my fans know of our shows as a burlesque show. I just want them to come, have fun and rock out and I think these girls should both just do the same. Fans come for music, not to see you shake your underage thing.


    I don't mind my daughters watching Hanah Montana ,as long as there are no more stories of Miley not wearing underwear in public..


    its part of a singers career that some part u need to choose between the nice type or the sexy type...n 4 miley she has already been good nice hannah montana 4 enuff years already...shes 17 turning 18 soon so just let her grow up and choose her own path


    I really think both teams are retarded, mostly Miley. ALOT of people I know think that her career will soon drop, because nderwearing clothes doesn't mean "mature" as she's calling it. I don't give a damn about what I'm saying, it my opinion. And I lost ALL respect for Miley now.


    Miley and Taylor should move into rhe same trailer together and eat somee grits.

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