Might Cheryl Cole Go Dancing with the Stars?

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While the relationship between Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest is receiving most of the gossip world's attention, the former's brother has landed himself a beauty comparable to his sibling.

Derek is dating British bombshell Cheryl Cole.

Due to this connection, insiders say those close to Cole are pushing for her to join Dancing with the Stars in the near future. What better way to raise her American profile?

"Her U.S. team thinks it will be a great move for her and increase her profile stateside," a source told MTV. "Partnering her with Derek would be a masterstroke and they want her to give it serious thought."

We'd also like to give serious thought... to Cole naked!

Derek Hough Picture

Hough is the reigning Dancing with the Stars champion. He brought the trophy home last season with Nicole Scherzinger.

ABC has not yet announced a premiere date for the next edition of this competition. Would you wanna see Cole on it?


Cheryl is totally amazing! I dunno about the US but over here in the UK she is the biggest and most popular star. Her and Derek are cute together but tbh its not fair to the other contestants...
In the UK Cheryl won awards for her ballroom dancing, she is a fantastic dancer and would easily win. Though i must say you Americans are missing out on her... :) lmao


I would hope that Cheryl not do Dancing with the Stars if she is with Derek Hough. Every couple who does Dancing with the Stars never last and ended up breaking up after the they do the show. So if Cheryl wants to keep dating Derek and not use him for her pr purposes she should not do the show. But if Cheryl is using Derek to get more famous in US go for it. Just Derek becareful.


she was a dancer before she was a singer. it would be same scandal like before with Nicole!


Oh please. Do we not have enough Brits swarming over here already?

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