Mel Gibson Voicemails Leaked: Eight New Rants!

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Just when you think there can't possibly be any more Mel Gibson rants, he apparently left a bunch of voicemails for Oksana Grigorieva as well.

The contents are pretty much consistent with his previous tirades, which were all conversations with his ex-girlfriend that she secretly recorded.

These ones? All Mel.

The phone calls were made, along with the previously-released tapes, on February 18, when their relationship ended, spilling over into the next day.

The couple shares an eight-month-old daughter, Lucia, and are currently at war over custody of the little girl - and over whether he abused Oksana.

Mel Gibson is still under investigation for assaulting Oksana Grigorieva and Lucia on January 6. Police are also investigating Oksana for extorting Mel.

We'll get to the audio shortly, but here are some excerpts:

The Mel Gibson

February 18, 10:27 p.m.: "Arghhh. Arghhhhhh. Arghhhhh. Argh. Argh. I called."

February 19, 12:04 a.m.: "If you want to call me back, I think we should discuss the terms of separation, don’t you? Don’t you think? Yes? Yes, let’s do it. I won’t smoke either, just to f*%k with you. I want to really badly."

February 19, 2.29 a.m.: "Whore. Answer the f*%king phone. F*%king bitch."

February 19, 2:31 a.m. (in reference to a ceremony in which Lucia's placenta was buried in the ground with a tree): "You were a sour faced bitch today. Do you think it was tricky to get that f*%king tree in the hole, the placenta and organize that $h!t?"

"Do you know how much f*%king time and money went into that? Did you thank me? Did you even have a f*%king smile on your face? F*%k no ... Everything about you stinks and I am seeing it real, loud and clear. F*%k yeah. F*%k yeah!"

February 19, 3:06 a.m.: "You are f*%king disloyal and f*%king weak. You’re f*%king blind. F*%king thankless. Such a f*%king slut. F*%k you. F*%k you. Don’t ever sleep again. Don’t sleep as long as I don’t sleep. Don’t sleep. F*%king get sick."

"You f*%king ordinary c**t. You are just f*%king ordinary. That goes for the talent too - it’s ordinary. It’s pretty f*%king common. I’d like to see you play a concert sometime. You make mistakes all over with live performances. You can’t do it."

That's cleaned up, too. Follow the jump to listen to Mel Gibson's voicemails, which are extremely vulgar even by his lofty standards ...

Oh. Dear. Wow. Well, whose side are you on?


I feel sad for him , what the helll did this woman do to him? , that is the question, there is always a reason, I feel his emotionally unstable poor men. may god help him get well


she is an ugly person, and what she and radar have done to this man's reputation, both should be sued! I hope she walks away with nothing, including the baby!


At what point does a person get tired of their old used to be making obscene remarks to them? At some point you shut down the phone lines and call it a day. What person in their own right mind continue to tape away the language that is hurled so disrespectfully at you,and end up having enough verbal footage to send message after message of your out of control lover's rants and tirades to a broad audience of listenings unless you have a plan of your own.Neither one of these two lovebirds can say or do anything more to convince the powers that be, that they are so over. Mel's Mad Max's Midlife Maddness vs Oskana's too cool for school smooth operator,pushing the right buttons to show him falling off the edge.Hopefully their innocent child has responsible adults looking out and shielding him from all of this madness.


Boy, is he ever RIGHT ON the money with regards to her. Nailed an accurate description of her and her "M.O." right on the head. Despite the distasteful language, he tells the truth. She lies like a friggin' rug. Some say his language is offensive. It's meant to be. Get a clue. It's called "fighting back" rather than taking her offenses and abuses laying down. Remember, you can't hit a lady, so this is all he's got. Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting that SHE is a lady. I'm using the term "loose"-ly. Get it? Loosely? Do you GET IT NOOOOWWWW!!!!????
Ask not how he expresses himself, but ask if WHAT he expresses is true or not. 'cause THAT'S all that really matters.


LOL love the growling at the beginning. The part about her singing was just low, though. No need to go there Mel.


If Macaulay Culkin and Robin Williams' knuckles had a love child.

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