Mel Gibson Sources: Oksana Grigorieva Demanded $10 Million to Keep Tapes Secret

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The five shocking, vile recordings of Mel Gibson tearing apart his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva have painted a disturbing picture of the actor this week.

Mel's crazed rants were filled with racial slurs, misogynistic insults, death threats, demands for oral sex and laments of financial problems. Just ugly stuff.

But where the Mel Gibson tapes - which his lawyers already claim were edited and altered - the subject of a criminal extortion attempt by Grigorieva?

Sources connected with the star say there is "hard proof" Oksana tried to blackmail Gibson, demanding more than $10 million to keep the tapes secret.

We're guessing he didn't play ball.

RANSOM: Mel Gibson clearly has serious problems, but was Oksana Grigorieva trying to exploit and extort him by recording their explosive phone calls in secret?

Sources close to Mel now say Oksana even went so far as to demand a specific amount of money, one they declined to reveal but say exceeded $10 million.

Moreover, the sources boldly claim that there are emails and other "physical evidence" to prove it. One source even said, "There's a long trail of evidence."

The judge handling Mel and Oksana's custody fight declined to strip him of visitation rights Thursday, even as police investigate him for domestic violence.

Oksana alleges that Mel hit her in the face twice, citing one of the tapes as evidence. Mel's wife of 28 years, Robyn Gibson, says he was never violent.

Mel's lawyers will be meeting with L.A. County Sheriff's deputies, making a presentation of evidence which includes their alleged evidence of extortion. 

His legal team will likely push for a criminal investigation of Oksana.

Whose side are you on?


sometimes men thinks they are wise when they leave or divorce a nice woman that has been keeping thier secrets from the public for a younger one that just needs money or fame. they always think they can get a younger woman with their money but they forget love is not all about marrying a younger woman.


They deserve each other. Poor baby doesn't stand a chance.


This slut Oksana targeted a rich man/sick man. Very clever, use his "issues"; press all the right "buttons that trigger his rage"; grab the money. Use the kid as a pawn. Hell Mel didn't become like this overnight, and she knew exactly what she was doing. I can't wait to read the book written by his former wife. (Or will he pay her off to keep a lid on everything)?


Just another case of a money-sniffing slut hunting down a rich, aging actor. The fact that he's got "issues" makes him a good target for slutipulation. I don't believe Hell Mel became like this overnight, and I can't wait to read the book his ex-wife should be writing by now. There are still cultures out there that believe the man should "bring home the bacon"; but this kind of thinking is ridiculous in this century. I wouldn't put ANYTHING past OXA-Hoe.


DJ, if you don't give a crap why are you reading the article and commenting on it?


Out of the woodwork; who is she??? Got to have a gimmick to get the money$! Poor child has to be the pawn. Mel is who he is but she is fighting for the money and 15 minutes of sympathy-fame. Mel has done some good things-do we turn our backs on him when he needs therapy? He's been and is going thru a lot. The tapes should be inadmissible. The baby mama should join the ranks of Rielle and the "Tiger Woods" mistresses'
club and remember just say "no" to a married man!


How about an option for "Team I don't give a crap"


'Rush to judgement 'my a$$! Mel is well known to have many 'issues' he's just rich enough to have kept it under 'lock and key all these years. What I'd like to see is a "tell all" book by his first wife of 24 years (7 kids)telling the world just how awful Gibson really is! Star or not he needs psychiatric help He's at the end of the line. People are not going to believe his lies anymore. When you are a drunk you have zero credibility! As for wifey 2, she may be a 'couple sandwiches short of a picnic' too but no excuse for anyone to hit a woman at any time for any reason!


Both a couple of twits! They deserve each other. Put the kid up for adoption and let them go at it til they knock each other off. Spare the rest of us from their ongoing bullSH%&! It's sickening.


Excited to see people have to admit they rushed to judgement about mel being an abuser! mentally ill and in need of therapy and medication and rehab, yes.
a woman and child beater, no. can't wait for the trial when oksana will be shown to be a money grubbing liar.
if she is guilty of extortion, doesn't that mean she will have to go to jail? =D

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