Mel Gibson Tapes Getting Worse: Enraged Actor Threatens Arson, Demands Oral Sex

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In the latest of four Mel Gibson tapes to leak online, the disturbed star demands oral sex from girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, then threatens to burn her house down.

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    Mel is so sick! Hopefully this finally kills his career, it's long overdue!


    How funy Liz.... agree.....Mels a Narcissist and needs to blow some money getting help.


    He is really pyschotic. He is not angry, he is sick. It is obvious he has an illness. And for all you ignorant, sick people who think this okay under any circumstance need just as much help as he does. So continue to support this sick, racist, sexist pig.


    I really hate that so many people are saying they feel sorry for him. IF he is on some kind of medication that causes these rants/anger/violent behavior, then that is a valid point. But he definitely is completely at fault for the alcohol consumption. He has children, so he should have checked himself into some kind of rehab for the kids' sake if not for his own. BUT, I think it's mega-obvious that he has an abusive/batterer type personality. It's possible it's worsened by the alcohol abuse, but most likely it's present even when he's sober. He seems to have had complete control over oksana when they were together, telling her what to wear, what to do, controlling the money, and even bordering on sexual abuse when he berates her for sleeping before he gets his blow job. Geez. He deserves to be blown?? What is that about? He's a psycho and I hope his career is really over this time.


    They both need a lot of help!!! When I listen to her comments when he is so upset; she is a piece of work and I actually feel sorry for Mel. I hope he gets his life in order and I hope also that he gets the help he needs. He is really in trouble both mentally and financially. I thought with all the successful movies he played,he would have everything great to live for. Hollywood is everything and anything, but a walk in the park.


    Poor Mel,

    Needs a whole more therapy - and to take a long break from "beautiful women"!
    Quite obvious these conversations were staged with the intent of taping and leaking them. Meaning, the wife is calm and awaiting his dumb ass rants. Which she obviously knows are going to be explosive. 5 humiliating minutes taped on the phone - could mean 100 million on her bank account.

    To me BOTH these individuals need help - and are very unattractive human beings.....POOR POOR CHILDREN!!


    I agree that Oksana has the upper hand and is trying to use those tapes to make sure she gets what she wants. I only hope that his family makes sure he is healthy. I have watched my brother-in-law, who is around the same age going down this pathway without taking a drink. Came to find out he has frontal lobe dementia. As the years go on he gets worse and says words I never thought I would hear from his mouth. People need to think of all the medical reasons that could be causing this and reserve judgment. One other thing, when going through my divorce I said many things I wish I could take back. It is no different than splitting up with a girlfriend.


    mel is an alcoholic therefore an abuser also he is on meds for parkinson disease which side effects are paranoid and aggressive behavior add alcohol in the mix and of course you have a person not in control! this woman went after him for money and the spotlight - she knew he was an alcoholic and had mental issues! don't feel sorry for her but for the children! robin and mel were separated for years because she couldn't take it anymore! i hope mel gets the help he needs! i love mel!


    he needs to suck his own doodle... 1 sick a$$ hole.


    Mel Gibson is a straight up a$$hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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