Mel Gibson Tapes: Evidence of Tampering, Editing By Oksana Grigorieva?

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His vile rants have forever altered people's perception of him, but Mel Gibson's lawyers claim the now-infamous tapes of his outbursts were tampered with.

The actor's legal team says it has hard evidence that the four tapes (and counting) Oksana Grigorieva secretly recorded were tampered with and edited.

If true, it's still Mel ranting like a sexist pig, making death threats and racial slurs, and demanding to be orally serviced before burning down her house.

But it may make the tapes inadmissible in a court of law.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department will have to authenticate the Mel Gibson tapes before handing over the domestic violence case to the D.A.'s Office.

That could take some time. Gibson faces investigation by authorities for allegedly attacking Oksana Grigorieva - while she carried their daughter no less.

Authentic or not, follow the jump for ALL the Gibson tapes ...

Mel's lawyers deny he physically attacked Oksana in any way, and will present evidence to the Sheriff's Department that the tapes have been altered. 

They say they have "concrete forensic evidence of tampering" with the tapes, including editing, though it is unclear if Oksana is the supposed culprit.

Grigorieva recorded Gibson's rants, but denies she is the person leaking them to various celebrity news outlets this week ... but who else could it be?

"We are not aware of any presentation Gibson's lawyers are making, but are not surprised they would make such unfounded claims," her lawyers said.

In addition to the criminal investigation against Mel, there is the matter of custody over Lucia. Grigorieva wants a judge to strip Mel of custody.

She will use tapes as evidence Mel is a danger to the child, and the authenticity of the tapes will almost certainly be raised by Mel's attorneys.

Whose side are you on?


Mel Gibson is in dangerous territory, both financially and emotionally over his damaging behavior as illustrated on these tapes by his girlfriend. Honesty is so hard to uncover when black mail is presented, and perhaps it is up to the courts to actually determine if these tapes were tampered. She is like Heather Mills wanting a gold mind out of her mate, and can get it when a child is the center of the controversy. My boyfriend tells me lots of stuff I hate, and if I believed everything he said about me I'd have ran away and never looked back. Too bad for the bastardly behavior in men, and the bitchy behavior in women, because it truely harms any loving relatinships. If Mel didn't expect anything from her, and wanted to walk away as free as a bird, after sexual intimacy and a child; it would certainly be a cold day in Hell.


I'm not excusing Mel's actions here, but we don't know this Oksana chick. She could be a manipulative, psychotic, awful btich for all we know. Lets just butt out. If this was a normal couple in, say, Australia named Sandy Gilfak and Johhny Jamieson, noone would care.


Actually, it's not "her" house it's his house. Get your facts straight. he's not giving it to her, he's letting her stay there. Said so in the tape lol


I think she set him up and drove him to insanity. She can't be trusted. Its a shame that he fell for her at all. She is trouble!


all this and she decided to stay with him until she had a baby. poor, poor oksana....


I do not excuse Mel's behavior in any way but she is not as innocent in all of this! She broke up a 28 year marriage and I think Mel regrets fall for a fake and money-grubbing hoe! She pushed him, them taped his rantings and sold it to the media. She just wants to be taken care of for the rest of her life and the best way was getting knocked up by a rich famous guy. Good plan!! In my opinion-they deserve eachother!!


Mel Gibson is an out of control angry, hate filled person who should not be allowed near any children let alone an infant! The news is saying there are pictures that show his daughter with bruises that were caused by Mel when he knocked Oksana's teeth out, because she was holding the child when he hit her. No way in hell should he be allowed near her.


it does not surprise me that she edited the tapes, or at least it looks like it based on this story. she seems calm and collected the entire time, on all the tapes, when you'd think she would be unable to get a word in edge wise. something about the tapes seems off. not trying to defend what he says/does.


I also do not believe he is a danger to his child.It is clear he wants to be a father to his child as he should be,not just paying suport.Of course she made sure these tapes are out in public and I do not think the judge will like that.Does she want her little girl to hear about them? What about Mel's seven other kids-I'm "sure" they must love to hear about this also. Couldn't have this been solved in private? Yes-it could.


It really doesn't matter to me if they were edited for time or whatever. He STILL said horrible, vile things and showed himself to be a violent man who admitted he hit this woman and is threatening to kill her and burn the house down! In what universe does Mel Gibson deserve any sympathy?

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