Mel Gibson Threatens to Kill Oksana Grigorieva, Admits Beating Her in Terrifying New Tape

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The tape of Mel Gibson's racist, misogynistic tirade leaked a few days ago already proved what a disturbed guy he is, but we held out hope that at least Oksana Grigorieva's claim of him physically assaulting her was not true.

Not only is it true, he threatened to do it again ... and worse.

In a new eight-minute audiotape so vulgar and shocking it defies comprehension, Mel admits to hitting Oksana, says she deserved it and threatens her further.

This recording makes the previous Mel Gibson rant look tame.

Mel’s deeply disturbing remarks on the tape, which you can listen to after the jump (it is extremely upsetting) could be a powerful piece of evidence against the star in the criminal investigation that is being conducted by the authorities.

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Mel Gibson needs serious help. Now.

Rambling and so enraged that he's gasping for breath, Mel pants heavily in between vile insults on the tape, at times nearly incapable of speaking. It's not an exaggeration to call this the most bizarre, infamous celebrity meltdown in history.

Equally strange? That Oksana remains perfectly calm throughout, presumably because she's taping it. Not that Mel's conduct is in any way justified, but there are no words capable of describing this ... no one should ever be THAT worked up.

What could have happened to trigger this kind of rage?

In any case, the tape, if legitimate, which it certainly appears to be after we've listened to it twice, the tape is not only big trouble for Gibson in the domestic violence investigation, but for his career prospects. It's that bad.

It's so much worse than you think, we can't come close to doing it justice, but you can listen to the entire Mel Gibson tirade here if you can stomach it ...


It's all hear say! He says, she says! Off course she will say he hit her, oh and by the way it's been CONFIRMED THAT HE DIDN'T HIT HER. Ok! So make sure you know what you're talking about here. This is a couple's personal issues... if she wasn't happy why didn't she just leave? MAKES SENSE??? NO! She chose to set him up by taping him after she drove him crazy! IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT, the YOU NEED HELP!


Let's say that she WAS/IS using him for money. Are you saying that because of that, she DESERVED to be PUNCHED IN THE FACE while she was HOLDING THEIR INFANT CHILD? Do you think she deserved to be hit? Do you, really? Are you saying that he's not to blame? That her actions lead to her being abused, and that's ok? Then you need help. You. Need. Help. And I hope you get it, before you procreate and your children wind up victims and abusers, themselves.


This planet lacks common sense. Soooo Sad.


Oksana used him for money and fame. BE REAL HERE people.


And serious therapy is needed if you fail to understand that abuse should never be tolerated OR excused. He left his wife and family for a young woman with big breasts and a pretty face. That's not HER fault. That is HIS fault. HE destroyed his marriage, left his family, and now that it's turned out that he's ABUSING Oksana, SHE'S the one at fault? No. That's not how it works. And perhaps if women would stop blaming each other for what disgusting men like Mel Gibson do, we'd have a few less women beaten to DEATH.


He's so idiot men , sick on his head.He need a lot terapy and medical. What a " love " about? He never love Oksana, he use her for sex !!! I don't like him any more. Crasy men !!!


I worry for Oksana's safety, but in a different way for Mel's as well. He clearly needs serious help, I think he might seriously harm himself or others. Hopefully he gets it before something goes horribly, horribly wrong.


THANK YOU Lanie Lou. You se the truth like I see it. She dis=d something before to set him up and waited for the right moment to tape. I hope the world can see she drove him to madness then SET HIM UP FOR THE MEDIA! Thank you!


It's clear he was drunk & very mad... We didn't hear what she said to him before he called back. It's also clear she had asked for $$ for her career & when he said no she wanted to leave. Although ugly, it's anger she manipulated from him to make $$.


I've always liked him :( But i do think there is some "foul play" He should never talk to someone like that but maybe she did put him on the edge who knows but this tape is scary!

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