Mel Gibson Threatens to Kill Oksana Grigorieva, Admits Beating Her in Terrifying New Tape

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The tape of Mel Gibson's racist, misogynistic tirade leaked a few days ago already proved what a disturbed guy he is, but we held out hope that at least Oksana Grigorieva's claim of him physically assaulting her was not true.

Not only is it true, he threatened to do it again ... and worse.

In a new eight-minute audiotape so vulgar and shocking it defies comprehension, Mel admits to hitting Oksana, says she deserved it and threatens her further.

This recording makes the previous Mel Gibson rant look tame.

Mel’s deeply disturbing remarks on the tape, which you can listen to after the jump (it is extremely upsetting) could be a powerful piece of evidence against the star in the criminal investigation that is being conducted by the authorities.

An Oksana Pic

Mel Gibson needs serious help. Now.

Rambling and so enraged that he's gasping for breath, Mel pants heavily in between vile insults on the tape, at times nearly incapable of speaking. It's not an exaggeration to call this the most bizarre, infamous celebrity meltdown in history.

Equally strange? That Oksana remains perfectly calm throughout, presumably because she's taping it. Not that Mel's conduct is in any way justified, but there are no words capable of describing this ... no one should ever be THAT worked up.

What could have happened to trigger this kind of rage?

In any case, the tape, if legitimate, which it certainly appears to be after we've listened to it twice, the tape is not only big trouble for Gibson in the domestic violence investigation, but for his career prospects. It's that bad.

It's so much worse than you think, we can't come close to doing it justice, but you can listen to the entire Mel Gibson tirade here if you can stomach it ...


Shows the world how friggen nuts these religious freaks really are. Remember this when you send your kids to Sunday school


Oksana Grigorieva (born 1970) is a Russian pianist and singer-songwriter. She was born in Saransk, Russia, and raised in Ukraine. She studied music in Moscow and completed conservatoire studies in Kazan, before moving to London. After studying music at the Royal Academy of Music, she moved to the United States, with periods spent living in New York and Los Angeles, California. She taught music in the U.S., and patented a technique of instructing musical notation to children. Grigorieva gained attention as a songwriter in 2006, after the song that she wrote, "Un Dia Llegara", became popular on the Josh Groban album, Awake. In 2009, Grigorieva's music album Beautiful Heartache was released; Mel Gibson served as executive producer. The album featured a collaboration with Charlie Midnight. Beautiful Heartache was well-received, with positive reception from Reuters and ABC News.


Stop the madness!! I thought that it was illegal to tape a person on the telephone during a conversation without their knowledge. Oh well,
There is love,and there is ranting and raving. These two lovebirds should never have met.If there is one thing that the two of them can agree on other than the fact that they are parents to a small child, is the sincere intention of breaking up.
This is an outrage,and these two should stay as far apart as a cobra and a field mouse. I've seen a better match up with The Three Stooges than this modern day love connection.


Iam someone that was abused. It is a humiliating experience. But I do believe that you get what you deserve. She is a gold digger. And someone that agreed to 50/50 on custody doesn't sound like they were abused. Any good mother would not agree to that. His biggest flaw was being stupid enough to think a women her age would be interested in him for something other then money.


Mel was hurt and reacted wrong. She needs to go back to Russia. Mel needs anger management, I still love him. So talented and have to be with a person that bates him to a explosive disorder. Mel you are human, surrond you around friends that love you.


nidal is correct, don't trust Russians


Mel looks jewish to me...


don't trust Russians


She's a Russian, money diggin beeeeatch!


She sounds so calm...Why? Because she knew she was setting him up! Would anyone of you who are judging Mel be happy if this happened to you? Are you nice when you are in a passionate angry fight with someone who has hurt you? Think about it, walk a mile. If he knew he was being taped, he would have not said those things. This was a personal rant and should not have been released. We have American Soldiers being murdered in Afghanistan, get some perspective people!!!!!

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