Mel Gibson Threatens to Kill Oksana Grigorieva, Admits Beating Her in Terrifying New Tape

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The tape of Mel Gibson's racist, misogynistic tirade leaked a few days ago already proved what a disturbed guy he is, but we held out hope that at least Oksana Grigorieva's claim of him physically assaulting her was not true.

Not only is it true, he threatened to do it again ... and worse.

In a new eight-minute audiotape so vulgar and shocking it defies comprehension, Mel admits to hitting Oksana, says she deserved it and threatens her further.

This recording makes the previous Mel Gibson rant look tame.

Mel’s deeply disturbing remarks on the tape, which you can listen to after the jump (it is extremely upsetting) could be a powerful piece of evidence against the star in the criminal investigation that is being conducted by the authorities.

An Oksana Pic

Mel Gibson needs serious help. Now.

Rambling and so enraged that he's gasping for breath, Mel pants heavily in between vile insults on the tape, at times nearly incapable of speaking. It's not an exaggeration to call this the most bizarre, infamous celebrity meltdown in history.

Equally strange? That Oksana remains perfectly calm throughout, presumably because she's taping it. Not that Mel's conduct is in any way justified, but there are no words capable of describing this ... no one should ever be THAT worked up.

What could have happened to trigger this kind of rage?

In any case, the tape, if legitimate, which it certainly appears to be after we've listened to it twice, the tape is not only big trouble for Gibson in the domestic violence investigation, but for his career prospects. It's that bad.

It's so much worse than you think, we can't come close to doing it justice, but you can listen to the entire Mel Gibson tirade here if you can stomach it ...


I'can't believe it that be twine Mel Gibson and Oksana going more worst and ugly,so who is wrong and who is right,what they need to do just looking back and grown up, like Mel Gibson he no young boy any more just because what him choose was wrong time wrong place,old men like him need for have good life and rest for him life,now him know the"THE MONEY DOESN'T MAKE HIM HAPPY REALLY"I feel sorry for him what happening right now,like Oksana need it help too that woman,she maybe no love him she just want money from him,that's why Mel Gibson must learn from what him have life already done,I'hope him be ok for later if choose woman and more be carefully "GOD BLESS FOR YOU "


I wonder about the immigration status of Oksana Grigorieva. I agree that no one deserves to be mistreated. but it seem to me that she has been counseled about the domestic violence immigration laws that would alow her to obtain her legal residence. and she is gathering the needed information.


Did you all listen to this so called tape, and i mean listen to the words, the pauses and the way she uses her words. Sorry for my english. At the end she wants to threaten him but in a blink of a second she says "no nothing, i am not the one who is threaten... Don't forget that she knows she is taping him, so this conversation is one sided. Listen good to what Mel is saying: I need a woman not a girl..
Youre dishonest about 6 times. Everthing he is saying is worth more than what ever she is saying cause she knows she is taping this call. This would make a great movie.


Do you personally know anyone that has worked with Mel Gibson? I DO!! This guy was set up from the beginning. The fact that none of the hollywood people that made millions off of him says tons. If I was him, I would get on a plane, leave this country and never return and fight for my child from Australia. This country has convicted him before the trial.


How cares if she is getting money from him?? There is no excuse for anyone talking to anyone like this.Yeah she is calm, its because she is taping the conversation,for court purposes she needs to show that even when she stays calm he is a raving lunitic. You all are totally nuts supporting this wack job.


I feel you pain Mel


jneuphilly, I too have lived with an abuser. I DID NOT stay in his house. I DID GET a restraining order. I DID NOT ACCEPT HIS PHONECALLS!! This woman has not acted one bit the abused woman except to tape and post personal conversations that are illegal and not anyone else's business with the soul purpose of extorting money and destroying this man. Wake up, girl. Not every woman who claims she's abused is. By the way, where are her dental records? If he knocked out two teeth, the dentist will have records. I know if I went to my dentist with two teeth knocked out, he would be under some kind of legal and moral responsibility to notify the authorities.


For anyone going on about sympathy for the sick (because Mel has obviously got a mental defect) give it a rest. Have you had to live with someone like this? I have. Sympathy will only get you hurt, and quite possibly killed. He blatantly stated he would "put her in the rose garden" because he's capable. Even if she is a gold digger, it doesn't mean she deserves to be murdered by a psycho. And as for helping him, thanks to the rights of the mentally ill, there is little to nothing she can do until he actually hurts someone. Should she wait around for it to be her? Get real.


And one more thing: Just because someone has a mental breakdown and screams and yells and goes on a psycho VERBAL rampage, does not mean they HIT PEOPLE!!! There is a difference between verbal abuse and physical abuse!! This is not a video, it is a phone conversation, and you must remember they are in two different locations at this time...and from the sounds of it, Oksana is sitting there casually counting 100 dollar bills whilst this is going on, or perhaps filing her nails?
She is not huddled in the fetal position crying like a victim. There is such a thing as CALLER ID as well, and she didn't need to pick up the phone in the first place!!! Why is it that these tapes went to the tabloids and not directly to the police? i guess they are illegal tapes??
She could have driven to the police station during this call and then put them on the other end of the phone to hear the rant... so many options that would be taken by someone who was GENUINELY AFRAID.


Kris, You can not listen to this tape and seriously say he did not hit her. You must have selectively listening.

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