Mel Gibson Threatens to Kill Oksana Grigorieva, Admits Beating Her in Terrifying New Tape

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The tape of Mel Gibson's racist, misogynistic tirade leaked a few days ago already proved what a disturbed guy he is, but we held out hope that at least Oksana Grigorieva's claim of him physically assaulting her was not true.

Not only is it true, he threatened to do it again ... and worse.

In a new eight-minute audiotape so vulgar and shocking it defies comprehension, Mel admits to hitting Oksana, says she deserved it and threatens her further.

This recording makes the previous Mel Gibson rant look tame.

Mel’s deeply disturbing remarks on the tape, which you can listen to after the jump (it is extremely upsetting) could be a powerful piece of evidence against the star in the criminal investigation that is being conducted by the authorities.

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Mel Gibson needs serious help. Now.

Rambling and so enraged that he's gasping for breath, Mel pants heavily in between vile insults on the tape, at times nearly incapable of speaking. It's not an exaggeration to call this the most bizarre, infamous celebrity meltdown in history.

Equally strange? That Oksana remains perfectly calm throughout, presumably because she's taping it. Not that Mel's conduct is in any way justified, but there are no words capable of describing this ... no one should ever be THAT worked up.

What could have happened to trigger this kind of rage?

In any case, the tape, if legitimate, which it certainly appears to be after we've listened to it twice, the tape is not only big trouble for Gibson in the domestic violence investigation, but for his career prospects. It's that bad.

It's so much worse than you think, we can't come close to doing it justice, but you can listen to the entire Mel Gibson tirade here if you can stomach it ...


I read a couple books a few years back on verbal abuse. After listening to the tapes I broke out the books and dissected those tapes. Mel used 37 forms of verbal abuse repeatedly. These forms of verbal abuse are used on prisoners of war. The result being they become very quiet and reserved from the abuse. That was the reaction Oksana had from his abusing her. Her reaction was normal. Her life was in peril. He told her if you hang up on me I'll be over there. Would you have hung up. I don't think so.
I also believe she's lived under this abusive behavior for a very long time. She sounds conditioned.


Mel's rants are music to my ears. I can't get enough of this. He's 100% correct and has the full force of righteousness on his side.


This is the saddest thing. He was something important and powerful. He represented family and somewhat good values, supposedly a Christian. Everyone messes up, but this guy really needs someone who loves him to step in and help him. My daughter was engaged to a man like this and one day he just snapped and became the complete opposite of everything that he had presented himself to be. She should run, and run fast!!! Money is nothing!! That baby would be better off with no father than one that is like this.


Yes, sociopathic [psychopathic] narcissism does seem to fit Mel's behavior profile. And yes, it takes strong proof to show abuse and you must build a case. You cannot just run, scream, call police, hang up the phone, push these people over the edge etc. If you want out, and to see them legally held accountable, you must remain calm, have a game plan, and follow it thru. Only way to hope for justice to somewhat be served and to get free. These people are insane, and they can/will drive you there with them. Be informed and learn about psychopathic behavior. For information on this type of behavior refer to Dr. Robert Hare's psychopathy checklist, which is widely used by many health professionals to help diagnose sociopathic personality disorder.


Mel is responsible for his behavior, bottom line. Regardless of her behavior or motives, it does not give him free reign to behave this way. Mel has openly shown himself, on other occasions, to be out of control. He needs to be held accountable and the law needs to see that he is, regardless of his status. But, as someone else has mentioned, look at OJ.
As far as Oksana being calm during the taping, yes, I am certain taping had something to do with it, still it is common for the female to become calm during abuse, both verbal and physical. Disassociation and survival take over. Certainly Me's status, wealth and her lack thereof, make for a trapped situation. Both sides have victimized each other. Sure, it's all about $$, but isn't most everything?


Search the web for Pathalogical Narsissist, Narsissism and his family... There you will find MelGibsons profile .... exactly spoken as my ex...Controlling manipulative freaks and substance abusers which make them mentally go over the edge. Mel needs help...Oxsana did the right thing taping him, after all,. who would have believed her.... he's Mel Gibson.


this is very nasty and ugly what Mel Gibson done to that Oksana,how make him go crazy and mad like that, something no right be twine they relation-ship,I'never see before like that in my life,him worth so very disagreeable him need to help, Mel Gibson understand now "MONEY CAN'T BUY LOVE" plenty money have everything still no make him happy at all,look it him so pity,the marriage it's gone for 28 year, marriage for nothing and now trouble with girlfriend oh my GOD him need rest and calmly for sure,we aussie hopefully him be good like normal"GOOD LUCK BUDDY"




She is not a victim here at all! This is so ridiculous, and reflects so much of the stupid American mentality. EVERYONE in this country curses, and now just because this guy is a public figure and his private business becomes public, he is not allowed to curse like EVERYONE else does in an argument, man or woman. Hypocrisy at its best. This woman had this all planned, she never cared about him, but saw this as a HUGE opportunity of making some millions. I wouldnt be surprised if someone is advising her. Mel is the victim here, it is OBVIOUS. She is a deceitful gold digger.


I also wonder about her motives, and struggle to believe she didn't want them public, and the story may have another side to it. Having said that, acting the way Mel did is disgusting, and he definetely needs help.

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