Mel Gibson Rant: Leaked, Profoundly Disturbing

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Mel Gibson's alleged racist tirade directed at Oksana Grigorieva is no longer alleged - the audio has been leaked, and it's even more disturbing than you think.

The enraged star can be heard below unleashing a profane, sexist rant against the mother of his baby daughter, using the N-word and other derogatory phrases.

Gibson accuses his ex-girlfriend of lying about fake breasts and trying to breastfeed eight-month-old Lucia, saying she dresses like ... we can't even repeat it.

Previous reports about Mel Gibson's racist tirade couldn't do justice to the hatred in his voice as his rage builds to increasingly palpable levels. It's kind of scary.

Whether or not he physically attacked Oksana remains unclear, but when you listen to the recording below, you won't find that allegation hard to believe either.

Be forewarned, the language Mel uses is extremely vile ...

Sickening. That these words and phrases even exist in the vocabulary of any person is deeply upsetting. What an absolute lowlife and disgrace to humanity.

UPDATE: If you thought this was bad, it gets way worse in a longer, more explosive recording leaked days later. Listen here to Mel threatening to kill Oksana.


She will be better off without jim. I dont think I will ever watch another one of his movies. If he was so disgusted by her, then why do they have a child together!? I never understand how people can talk about people they have been with like that. Dont they know, when your bashing the person youve been in a relationship with, your bashing yourself too! What a piece of shit!


Talk of words of leathal weapon proportions,Mel should have stayed with his marriage of two decades instead of taking a walk on the wild side. Being married suited him better than taking up with a mistress and having another child. He is now caught up in an enraged battle with the mother of his youngest child,and his reputation (again)is out on display for all to see in such a negative way. Multi-talented actor/director/producer Mel will long be remembered for his personal tirades,and vulgarity instead of his talents as a performer of mega hit movies.Being single to mingle does not fit his personality.Hopefully between now and October the *35th,he will come back to Earth,get some professional counselling and go back to being Mel Gibson instead of "Mad Max". PEACE!!!


Actually, I meant she should not empty his bank account and settle for a huge amount of money. If she does not do that we will all know she is not a gold digger but a victim. If she does it then I do not need to tell you the rest.


I agree the rant is harsh and the language is harsh but to spout as if this language is so vile and inhumane that no one should use it is very naive. Hate to break it to ya but that language is used every day, all day by millions of people. Mel is a goof who obviously has been touched by celebrity to hard. He is obviously a racist who will pay for his stupidity but don't try and sell him as something rare in today's world.

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