Mel Gibson Rant #5: Actor Loses His Mind, Berates Oksana Grigorieva, Hints at Financial Problems

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Just when you thought a day might pass without a secretly recorded Mel Gibson telephone tirade against Oksana Grigorieva leaking online ... another one has.

In the latest of the shocking tapes, which his lawyers are claiming have been edited and tampered with, he rails against the “B!tch c*%t wh*re gold digger!”

While we're used to Gibson using vile language and becoming completely unglued, rant #5 is most notable for his apparent admission of financial problems.

Gasping for air and in between more f-bombs than we can even count, Gibson blames the mother of his eight-month-old daughter for his dire fiscal straits.

“F*ckin’ user! You f*ckin’ used me! I will never forgive you!” he yells, panting as if he just ran a marathon. “You are very mean,” Grigorieva calmly replies.

This further enrages the deeply disturbed actor.

“Yeah, you know what mean is now, don’t you? So don’t call me mean when I’m nice to you. Because I’d like to show you what mean really is," he screams.

Then he really goes off: "B!tch c*%t wh*re gold digger!! All true! You f*%king proved it to me! If you’re ever interested in proving otherwise, let me know."

“Look at yourself. Look what you’ve f*%king done! Look at your son. He’s a f*%king mess. You f*%king excuse for a mother. You’re a f*%king bitch!”


The Mel Gibson tapes make abundantly clear he needs mental help. But he apparently needs financial assistance too, if his latest tirade is any indication.

Mel says he needs cash so badly, he had to part ways with some artwork and - gasp - L.A. Lakers tickets. “I don’t have any f*%king money!" he moans.

It's a stunning claim from one of Hollywood's biggest names, although he did just divorce his wife of 30 years, Robyn. That couldn't have been cheap.

Follow the jump to listen to the fifth Mel Gibson tape ...

Ever since the first rant was leaked last week, a disturbing picture of the actor has been painted. But what remains unclear is the context of these tapes.

Why is he so enraged? Were they all recorded the same day, or in the same general time period? Has Oksana really edited them, as his lawyers allege?

None of this changes that Mel has serious issues, but we feel there must be more to this than we know at this time - especially given their custody fight.

Oksana wants Mel, who she says attacked her, stripped of custody of eight-month-old Lucia. The police are investigating him for domestic violence.

Stay tuned ... and share your comments on this shocking scandal below.


This woman is the most manipulative slime bag i"ve ever seen


he's a jerk and she's a gold digger - i don't believe he hit her -he does need help but what happened between private communication - he is much better off with out her- guess they deserve each other - i don't defend him but i don't defend her either - she may be a victim (maybe) but the child is the real victim having two parents like this


There's something way wrong w/ those recordings. She sounds like she's in a studio (gee, doesn't she record in a studio) and that the conversations are edited/altered. I would want to hear the WHOLE unedited recording. I also don't understand why the doctor didn't immediately report what happened to her teeth to the police. I thought doctor's were required by law to report suspicions of abuse. So after the fact, this Doctor now makes a sworn statement to go along with these inadmissible tapes, which damage Mel in the public forum. I want to hear from Timothy Dalton about this chick. Something is definitely up.


this is what Mel gets for hookin' up with a gold digging wh0re. I thought anyone could spot a gold digger when they see one. The b00b job gives it all away! Not to mention she's not from this country. Don't these hollywood bozos know that young, immigrant women come over here to find a sucker to take care of them financially, then take them for everything they've got a few years down the road? And to knock her up on top of that just puts the icing on the cake. Now she's really got something to hold over his head. He should've kept his you-know-what in his pants and stuck with Robyn.


So this is the producer and director of "The Passion". Oh my! He certainly does not behave very christlike in this episode. Geeeezz! Go somewhere, away, far away, for awhile Mel, and do some repenting and praying. You should Never have left the wife of your youth, and the mother of your children!


Oksana has an 8 month old baby, any one who has ever had a small child knows that the mother is too tired for sex of any kind. Perhaps if Mel stopped ranting, and did some housework, or fed the baby at night, Oksana might still like him. Or maybe he could stop cursing at her. Nothing like being called names, and hit in the face to make you want to be intimate with your baby daddy.


I have no empathy whatsoever for either of them when so many people are financially struggling and are more seriously ill (like Cancer). Let her get off her back and get a decent job. As for him---he's had it too good. Time to get a "reality check, Mel" and have yourself admitted into a serious rehab center. Clean yourself up because your money & fame mean nothing when you lose your bearings the way you have. Mel is a spoiled brat and his "sidekick" is a gold digger. If I feel anything at all, it's for his former wife and kids.


I can't believe some people are actually defending this guy. "Boo hoo, poor Mel! He just punched and verbally abused his partner and said misogynistic and racial slurs! Give him a break!" I hope he rots in prison, but knowing our society, the woman will be blamed and painted as a gold-digger who deserved to be abused, and the rich privileged white male will get off scot free.


Not to make light of what he says, but she definitely sounds like she's antagonizing him on purpose ... you are mean? Then the awkward pause after that while the steam likely pours out his ears? LOL.


Nothing a narcissist hates worse than thinking he may be trumped. Boy, do they fly into a rage when they are called to abide by the rules the rest of us do so on a daily basis.

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