Lindsay Lohan to Judge: F--k You!

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Lindsay Lohan deserves what she got yesterday.

She cried, begged for mercy and appeared contrite when Judge Marsha Revel handed down a 90-day jail sentence and gave her until July 20 to turn herself in. 

Friends and fellow celebs, such as Kim Kardashian, have Tweeted support for Lohan, actually feeling sorry for Lindsay and treating her like some sort of victim.

Don't be fooled, though. The prima donna still thinks that the world is out to get her, will not take responsibility for her actions and behaves like a spoiled brat.

This is fact, not opinion. Just read her lips nails.

Lohan Cries

WAAAAAH: Lindsay Lohan feels sorry for herself. Enjoy jail.

The troubled star may not have told off the judge with her mouth during yesterday's legal smackdown, but she had special message for Judge Marsha Revel, alright.

Painted on her fingernails in small print, but clearly visible in any enlarged photo, was her take on the process and the woman who determined her fate: "f*ck you."

Karma's a bitch, isn't it?

Just when we almost took pity on her, too. There's little doubt she is beyond messed up, which stems from awful parenting, but it's hard to sympathize with her now.

A few months behind bars may be the only way to get the point across. Clearly the judge thinks so. See the evidence for yourself in these Lindsay Lohan pictures ...

Sad Lindsay
Lindsay's Message

CLASS ACT: This is definitely how to get on a judge's good side.

To be clear, the girl repeatedly violated the terms of her probation (stemming from a DUI conviction), which are not difficult to uphold. This didn't come out of nowhere.

We think justice was served. How about you?

Lindsay Lohan belongs in ...


I hope you get what you deserve. They should slam you in jail for 5 years you and your friends. Hope the kardashians will join you there soon. What the world has become. Families in America are starving while these bitches are roaming the streets.


What a little brat!! And Did the judge really write on her fingernails you're going to jail for the full 90? I really hope that was true


Hopefully time in jail will help her. She has such pathetic excuses for parents. Look at her pictures 5 years ago what a beautiful girl, then look at her pictures now. What a shame she looks worn out. The drugs have taken a toll on her and I think that she desparetly needs jail and rehab. She needs to be accountable for her actions quit whining and playing poor pitiful me and take responsibility for your actions. I think maybe she should start going to church and praying and change your life before she ends up dead at a very young age. Does she not see the road she is going down is a dead end. As for the fingernails what a selfish disrespectful, spoied brat. Grow up and be thankful this judge cares enough to try and get you the help you so desparately need.


You want to tell the judge fuck you, NO FUCK YOU!!! Now go cry in your cell!!


I would not touch Lindsey with a stolen DICK !!!


she needs to go to jail to get her mind right! SO stupid she was to even right that on her finger and now she is crying to the judge asking for mercy. RETORED! i think what she needs is JESUS in her life not hatred. Linsay i am praying for you. ps it is hard to be your fan when you have all that drama in your life. But i am trying


Cry me a river!! Can you please do something constructive with your life-so sad what a waste of a life!!! And quite draggin your sis down the same looser path as you!! And your parents are a bunch of DOUCHE BAGS!!


Poor, poor little girl.


lindsay, you are a fucking bitch


U gotta admit. Fuck You on the middle finger. Awesome. Oh. I'ma have to get one of those. :-D.


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