Lindsay Lohan to Appeal Jail Sentence; Lawyer Quits

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"I'm not going to jail!" - Lindsay Lohan

The troubled star vows to appeal the 90-day jail sentence Judge Marsha Revel handed down, according to one source who was with her on Wednesday night.

Linds was talking with people in her apartment about appealing the case, and uttered the above quote. Not only a spoiled brat, but also delusional, apparently.

The only real basis for an appeal would be arguing that Judge Revel abused her discretion in nailing her with a 90-day sentence, which was a tad extreme. 

The chances of winning such an appeal are slim even under the best of circumstances, though ... and especially given Lindsay's performance on probation.

Lohan Sobs

DO THE CRIME, DO THE TIME: Lindsay Lohan not only did the crime (DUI) in the first place, she violated her probation terms repeatedly ... and still acts like a victim.

She asked for it, and pulling a stunt like she did with the F-U nails isn't exactly going to win her brownie points. On the plus side, maybe they get HBO in jail?

Lindsay's vow to appeal could explain why Shawn Chapman Holley has resigned as the actress' counsel. She'll have to do it with a new attorney if she does.

Lohan's new attorney, Tiffany Feder-Cohen, has already been in touch with the Sheriff's Department. No word if she plans to compare Lindsay to a martyr.

Lindsay belongs in ...


Grow the hell up girl! Just because you are a celebrity doesnt' mean you can go around and break the law all the time.


i thnki she needs to go to jail if u do the crime u do the time well some of the celebs peolpe needs to help her or she needs to help herself i won't keep her in my paryer because she did it to herself and i notcie that her dad comes in when shes in troble


This lying sneak should serve the full 90 days in solitary, not in a special "celebrity cell" with her own shower. What a disgusting person.


It would have been better if the whining spoilt little Brat would have gotten about two years in prison as she is nothing but a useless and lazy good for nothing. As well how stupid and dumb she was to have the F You word on her fingernails but then again she isn't much brighter than a 2 Watt Light Bulb.


if it was anyone else they or we or me would be in for over 2 yrs give it a break... she should be happy with what she got aND STOP CRYING ABOUT IT.... DEAL WITH IT do what ya have to do get over it already


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