Lindsay Lohan Seeks to Delay Rehab Stint

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With an early release from jail now looming this week, troubled star Lindsay Lohan is now worried about what comes next: her mandatory 90 days in rehab.

Unlike her 90-day jail sentence, which is likely to be cut short due to good behavior, overcrowding and the media circus she causes, rehab is non-negotiable.

And Lindsay's not happy about it.

"She’s a little upset right now," her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley said after visiting the actress Tuesday. "She'd like to spend some time with her family."

If this were anyone but Lindsay Lohan, that might be reasonable. But not only does she need rehab STAT, her family members are enablers and criminals.

We're talking to you, Michael Lohan.

Head in Hands

Is Lindsay trying to weasel out of rehab?

Holley acknowledged "there’s at least some question as to whether or not she’ll have to go directly to rehab," but it doesn't sound like she has a choice.

Prosecutors confirmed Tuesday that Lohan must report to an L.A.-based residential rehab facility 24 hours after her release from jail - likely August 1-2.

The attorney is concerned "there's a push now for her to go directly to rehab from jail," and wants her client to spend some time with her family first.

"I think it would only be fair for her to spend some time with her family and that’s what she would like for me to emphasize to judge," says Holley.

Lindsay Lohan has been jailed (and strip-searched) in Lynwood, Calif., since July 20 for violating probation stemming from her 2007 DUI conviction.

Should she be allowed leeway with rehab? Her time behind bars is already being dramatically reduced. Should she even be let out of jail so soon?


Thats what you get for having a negro ylwaer represent you. That black woman was probably thinking, Wait until I tells my sistas how dis rich cracka wants me defend her. Lindsay Lohan you are dumb and should be given much more than 90days.


she has already spent too much time with her family. that's what got her where she is. the judge knows if lindsay doesn't go directly to rehab she will fail again. this woman needs DISTANCE from her family so she can grow up and take responsibility for herself. She seems to be "the identified patient" in that family and she needs to take care of herself and let THEM fall the way THEY will.


It is an absolute outrage that Lindsay is able to write her own ticket when it comes to the justice system. Never has there been a time in recent memory,that a system can be so accomodating to someone who is so clearly out of control. On the inside,Lindsay is a fragile flower,set loose on the outside she acts like something out of Wild Kingdom.It would be nice to know some of the names of some of the other young women who will be released on the same day as Lindsay because of over-crowding.Is she just the one lucky one who needs to be able to move out so that a more hardened criminal can have a cell.Now she doesn't want to go directly to rehab,because She wants to spend time with her family.
While Lindsay is being treated like a piece of cotton,she continues to get the biggest laugh,and will laugh even louder when she gets back on the outside with her walk on the wildside attitude!!


she has only been away from family for 10 days give me a break its not like she has been in afganistan for a year like our military. maybe we should send her there


@holly, i couldnt agree more with you! She disgusts me and its nothing but a fucking joke!


"not fair"?!?!??! This whole scenario is not fair. Did the crime now do your time. Fairness does not even come into the picture with this girl. And since when has she been so family oriented? NEVER!!!! She wants time with her criminal family? That's a laugh. She never even made it to a relative's funeral but used that as an excuse for missing one of her classes! This whole deal is a joke.


She's only crying because her roots are showing.


Lindsay needs to get over herself and do her dang time. It's not like she's a lifer, or had to worry about losing her apt. when she gets out, or her JOB. She doesn't have to worry about ANY of the "normal" things that the rest of us would have to worry about if they were locked up, even for a 90 day sentence.


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