Lindsay Lohan Possibly Likens Her Jail Sentence to Human Rights Violation in Tweeting Rampage

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We put nothing past Lindsay Lohan. Nothing.

That said, she did not overtly compare her legal plight to that of an Iranian woman being tragically stoned in her latest Twitter rant. But you still have to wonder.

Maybe she's just so moved by Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who may be stoned to death for adultery, that she linked to Newsweek article to draw attention to it.

Or she's trying to subtly draw a ridiculous parallel to herself, having been sentenced to 90 days in jail Tuesday for repeatedly, brazenly violating her probation.

Come on. Has Lindsay ever cared about anything besides herself? We're talking about a spoiled brat who walks into court with the words "f--k u" on her nails.

Just saying. Read from the bottom up and see what you think ...

Lohan Tweeting

What do you think? Drawing attention to a serious issue with no selfish motive whatsoever, or shamelessly using it to attract sympathy to her own plight?

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To "So sick of Lindsay Lohan's antics!"... I'm pretty sure humanity already had a bad name long before Linsday's existence. You think she's bad now? She could be a LOT worse.


Oh, the humanity! God forbid she should actually face consequences for her actions the way we mere mortals must. Yes, this is a true crime against humanity! Somebody please notify Amnesty International immediately on behalf of this useless total sack of crazy!


You know what's really torturous? Out of touch Hollywood celebrity twits who think that they know more than everyone else about everything because they did some documentary and now believe THEY are the leading authority on the subject. Its clear Lindsay has no REAL clue about what constitutes cruel and intolerable punishment.


i think she needs to go to jail u do the crime u do the time and she's a lairer about the fu thing


I do not understand why her attorney thinks its a harsh sentence.
It's only 90 days, three months, in jail. Normal people would get a bigger sentence if they did what she has done. She does whatever she wants and when she does something that gets her into trouble she thinks that everyone is out to get her. HELLO!! stop doing drugs and drinking so much and then you won't have to spend a "harsh" 90 days in jail. UGH!!


that is really truly disgusting of her!! what a comparison to make, she really is out of touch with reality and has no clear view of herself. her mother clearly does not have a firm grasp of reality either, they both are convinced lindsay is some innocent victim and everyone is 'out to get her' complete lack of responsibility for her actions. crazy.


Jail will be good for her. 90 days is not enough.


So does God after this display, IHateLL


I hate this bitch.

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