Lindsay Lohan Needs a Lawyer ASAP!

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Lindsay Lohan has legal problems galore, yet can't seem to find a lawyer to rep her in the probation violation case that recently earned her a jail sentence.

Sources report that Lindsay and mom Dina have been interviewing potential lawyers like crazy but "They are suspicious of their (the lawyers') motives."

Those motives being that no attorney wants anything to do with the epic mess that is Lindsay Lohan - one lawyer even said as much earlier this week.

Interestingly, Lohan is now talking to former O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Shapiro, but she has not retained him yet. That could be a good fit, however.

Guy helped a murderer go free - what's a measly probation violation?


LINDSAY LOHAN: In need of help ... legal and other forms.

She's working on a tight schedule in any case. The train wreck is due to surrender in Judge Marsha Revel's court on July 20 to begin a 90-day jail sentence

Shawn Chapman Holley, her previous legal eagle, quit the case but has not yet been excused by Judge Revel, because there's no lawyer to take her place.

Maybe BFF-come-lately Kim Kardashian is free? Her dad defended O.J. too ...

Holley, a seasoned attorney but not a magician, could not get Lindsay off the hook for her recent antics, or get the judge to excuse her before the 20th.

One way or the other, unless the actress wins a delay, she had better show up on the 20th for sentencing or Judge Revel will issue a bench warrant.

Par for the course for Lindsay.


Besides a lawyer, she needs a lot of other things to get her life straightened!! Good luck Linds, you had potential and now...


Im sorry but Lindsay shouldve thought about this. If she knew she was breaking the law then she derserves to be sent to jail with the key thrown away. The gurl drinks and passes out on the street. No I am not a judge or God. No I cant judge her. But she needs to have some kind of consequence. People in the real world dont drink, party, fight pass out naked and get away with it. Thats just not logical. I think 90 days in jail will make her think straight. Stupid bitch.


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