Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot: Orange Jumpsuit Hilarity

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Good to see Lindsay Lohan is taking her situation seriously.

Having been thrown in jail just hours ago, the much-maligned star's latest mug shot has been released, featuring our girl wearing a sharp orange jumpsuit.

She's also wearing some smart-ass smirk.

One of our all-time favorite celebrity mug shots was taken moments after Lindsay arrived at Lynwood Correctional Facility to begin a 90-day jail sentence.

According to her booking sheet, Lindsay checked in at 5'6" and 118 pounds ... Big enough to kick someone's a$$? Or will she be someone's b!tch?

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot 2010

Lindsay Lohan's mug shot, released a little whole ago, puts to rest any doubt that this jail sentence will wipe the smirk off the brat's face ... at least for a day or two.


Great job Lindsay Lohan! Way to ruin your life! I remember when you were a good girl who wouldn't do anything like this!! But look where its got ya!


Hope someone wipes that smirk off her ugly mug, just saying it might teach her a life lesson that her parents apparently never did.


I give her a week...any bets???


Wow Lindsey sure has put herself in a bad situation - agree that she needs to get some help for her addiction problems - but some of these comments are just cruel - I agree that she needs an attitute adjustment and hopefully jail will help in that regard. We should all hope that this young woman gets her act together before she overdoses, kills herself or someone else in an alcohol related accident. Hope none of you find yourself making bad decisions and having to pay for them.


Ok... if she's said to have a "smart ass" smirk on her face in the pic, how does the pic "put to rest" any doubt that her jail time will wipe the smirk off her face??? WTF? and....btw its "while", not whole.


Does anyone else think she looks about 20 years older than she really is?


Nice Boss...


let the soap droppin begin


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