Lindsay Lohan Jail Update: Living Among Murderers, Visited By Family, May Get Sprung Early

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Lindsay Lohan's fellow Lynwood Correctional Facility inmates give Mean Girls a whole new meaning. Most of the women housed near LiLo are killers.


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    Lindsay Lohan is a tough cookie!
    She will not crumble!


    I love Lindsay and all, but it's ONLY THREE MONTHS! How many criminals are walking around free in Cali if they can't even hold her longer than fourteen days out of a ninety-day sentence? The prison system there must be a joke.


    If she gets out early ,she should be require to give a hair sample for drugs.... the girl is hooked and that is why she is what she is......


    Good Luck to you Lindsay, I don't know if a prison time is appropriate, personally I don't agree. I hope you find the strength within yourself to conquer your demons, you are a talented young soul with lots to give the world.


    Some big joke. Next stop: A posh rehab with all the high-tech gadgets and comforts of home and lots of 'legitimite' medication to help her ease the pain of going without the illegal stuff. And no chores.


    Great who would have thought!!!???


    Yep, she sure is learning a lesson. They keep shaving off more and more time, so what was the point of the whole court circus thing if she wasn’t going to serve any real time? Was the judge paid for publicity with Lindsay or what? And is she REALLY going to do 90 days in an inpatient rehab facility or is that gonna have most of the court ordered time shaved off too. What a racket these people have going. Be a star (or so she thinks), break the law, get lots of publicity and get away with it all.

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