Leicester Bryce Stovell: I'm LeBron James' Dad!

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Forget rumors of Delonte West nailing his mom this spring. LeBron James is now being sued a dude who claims he slept with Gloria James, oh, say about 25 years ago.


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    lmao see im not like other people i know dat teams get ringonst 1 player by himself so i wasnt talking bout championships i was talking bout kobe as a individual kobe is a better clutch player, free throw shooter,3point shooter,nd leader, holds more records in the nba then lebron o nd some of the greatest players 2 play in the nba Tracy McGradyElton Brand,Pat Riley, Gregg Popovich ,Shaq,nd da best player 2 ever play MICHAEL JORDAN SAID SO..obama said it 2 if his opinion counts lol


    good thing the statute of limitations on rape in ohio is 20 years...looks like hell be getting off freee of rape arlene


    1. Mr. Leicester Bryce Stovell should be put in jail. The charge is rape. Look at all these preachers, priests, school teachers,doctors, and football players who have being charge with crimes. Rape is a crime.
    2. Mr. Leicester Bryce Stovell did not pay anything so he should not collect anything.
    3. What a low down dog, to sue your abandon child.
    4. The only thing that should be given to him is jail time for being a predator or child rapist.
    5. We as women do not feel sorry for his stupid azz. This young man is working for what he has and his father should do the same.
    6. He need to read the Bible.
    7. He is a low life broke attorney that is bring shame to the American people for working for a government agency that allow him do such thing.
    8. My advice to Mr. Leicester Bryce Stovell get a life.


    I personally think that Lebron and his mom should sue him for $4 million for back ordered child support. what an idiot...


    Very, very convienent for him to come forward
    now that LeBron James is worth tons of money!!!!


    rayday - you are talking like a nutcase. We are all guessing about things that only Ms. James really knows. Which woman tells a child -Your father is Leicester Bryce Stovell and you must hate him/ or teaches the child to hate him. Then the child who clearly adores his mother, grows up, then turns around and names his own child BRYCE. Remove your own experience from this and think a little more logically.


    With this suit, he might get the court to compel a DNA test. The results would confirm or refute the previous test Stovell claims was a deliberate fraud. Interesting that this Princeton grad w/ a respectable law degree and professional background is caught up in classic ghetto mess.


    and thats just nasty he did it with a 15 year old wen he was 29 he should be sent to prison


    now he wants to be his father since he has all that money but wen he was poor he didnt want anything to do with him


    Who is this guys lawyer? His logic makes no sense. He claims that Lebron wants to maintain the one dimensional image of a successful kid from a single parent home...Well duh!!! If he is his father or not the facts remain the same....he is a success story of kid from the projects and a single parent home all you did Mr. Stovell was show up 25 years later and got the nerve to sue your son that you have done absolutely nothing for!! And yes self proclaimed daddy, "He's got game!"

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