Lee Pace Rumored for Key Role in Breaking Dawn

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Twilight Saga fans may soon have an older man to drool over.

Multiple reports confirm that Lee Pace is in negotiations to appear in Breaking Dawn as the vampire Garrett, Edward's BFF.

Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Pic

The character possesses sandy hair that he keeps tied back with a leather thong. In the book, he's mostly a laid back blood sucker, replete with a relaxed attitude and sense of humor.

"Lee is the top person in the running to play Garrett in Breaking Dawn," a source told E! News, adding that no production date has been set for the November 2011 film.

Pace is a 31-year old native of Oklahoma best known for his role on the short-lived ABC series Pushing Daisies. It was one of the most unique, witty, funniest shows on television. Hurry up and go buy the DVD!

While most Breaking Dawn fans are still buzzing over the intense skin-on-skin action set for Bella and Edward in that movie, stop for a moment and sound off: Think Pace is right for the role of Garrett?


Lee's PERFECT for Garret! Nice pick!!


Is it finally confirmed, that he got the part? I think, he would be perfect for Garrett. Lee is such a great actor.
I`d be very happy with that choice.


I don't think he'll be a good Garrett----the character nees to be stocky, yet muscular---this guy is too thin....and he is NOT Edward's BFF---he is a friend of Carlisle.


He's playing Garett. And Garrett is NOT a friend of Edward's he is a friend of Carlisle's. He was sent by Alice and Jasper to indeed witness the development of Nessie (Renessme


If you read the book, Garrett is not a friend of Edward's. He is a friend of Carlisle's. One of the nomad's that was sent by Alice and Jasper to witness the development of the baby. Or something close to that.


Who will he be? Benjamin or Garrett?