Lanesia Garcia: Pregnant By Levi Johnston?!

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Already famous for impregnating Bristol Palin two summers ago, Levi Johnston now finds himself embroiled in another baby scandal, according to reports.

The National Enquirer says Levi may have knocked up one of his old girlfriends during the period of estrangement between his two engagements to Bristol.

Levi and Bristol just got back together and engaged, ostensibly out of love and a desire to raise son Tripp together, but also to make some serious loot.

But if his ex-girlfriend, Lanesia Garcia, is really pregnant with his child pregnant - and she believes Levi is the daddy - that could be a tough obstacle.

Of course, it's still very much unclear if the child was sired by the Playgirl model. To put it nicely, Lanesia apparently gets around ... like a record.

BABY DADDY RELOADED? Levi better hope he shot blanks this time.

“Levi insists the baby isn’t his, but no one really knows,” a source said. “Levi is one of three possible fathers with Lanesia the probably week of conception.”

Three in one week? Wow, she sounds like a girl who really has her act together. Guess there's not a lot to do in Alaska ... well, besides Lanesia Garcia.

Still, friends of Bristol Palin say she is “heartbroken” after learning her fiancé might become a baby daddy with another girl, Radar Online reports today.

A Palin family rep says that “no official decision has been made” about the future of the couple, who are now communicating only “by text message.”

We can't wait until Sarah gets on Twitter to comment on this. Her critique of Obama for going on The View this week will seem tame by comparison.


Bristol Palin getting pregnant was a trick hoping he'd
marry her. Levi likes the girls by loving 'em & leaving
'em. He's not paying child support & Bristol is also
unemployed. I think the word that I am missing is


Remember innocent till proven guilty?And so they have a DNA test to find out the truth.Levi is young and if he was having sex while he wsas estranged from what.That was then and this is now!i wish him well...i hope he and Bristol and the baby stay close and really be a family.Lets not blame him for takes two to tango!


hahahahahahaha .... now THIS is worth writing about. But does anyone care? I kinda doubt it. So he's a man-whore, so what? Let them be and try to work their lives out to everyones best interest. They have a beautiful little fella they need to think about, instead of themselves. Wonder if they are grown up enough to do that? We'll see huh. In the meantime .... hahahahahaha


what the fuck? no one is posting a pic that lanesia garcia whore?


Let's hope lousy Levi the leech has lost his last chance to weasel back into the proud Palin family. Sarah does not need that heavy cross on her fraglie shoulders. Bristol should stop being a spoiled baby, and wait for a decent man to come along.


Levi probably wasn't cheating on her. Their not married. It was probably one of those times Sarah Palin treated him sooo bad. Bristol was out of the picture and he was posing for playboy. Levi's so fine, every woman or maybe tramp wants a part of him...And he goes back to Bristol..Bristol, put on your big girl panties, except ownership in this and allow him to be a father to your daughter(and forgive any past mistakes)..And move ahead, it's clear it's you, he wants and needs!


Bristol is better off without him. He will keep cheating on her. She is only 19, she will find someone who will treat her and her son the right way. Get rid of him now, he is a complete loser.


Levi the Loser. What an ass.


Bristol is getting exactly what she paid for with this door prize!

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