Kristina Hagan Sues David Boreanaz For Sexual Harassment, Attempted Boning

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As we reported yesterday, actor and sex scandal magnet David Boreanaz is being sued by an actress who claims he harassed her during filming of his show, Bones.

The woman, Kristina Hagan, has now been identified.

Filed by Gloria Allred, the sexual harassment lawsuit claims the misconduct began during filming in August 2009, with "sexually inappropriate text messages."

Kristina Hagan was an extra on the Fox show at the time, and developed some sort of relationship with David Boreanaz - it's not clear if it was physical at all.

But the suit claims Boreanaz was driving with Kristina in September, 2009 and told her he was "the boss" and that he could "make things happen for her."

According to the lawsuit, Boreanaz continually told Hagan he was trying to find a role for her, but never delivered. That's when it really gets good/bad ...

Kristina Hagan is the latest woman tied to the actor.

The suit claims Boreanaz then parked his car, and "attempted to kiss her and touch her breasts but she pushed him away." The suit then alleges David "unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and began stroking it until he ejaculated."

Another encounter allegedly occurred with Hagan in David's trailer on September 29 of last year, according to court documents. Once again Hagan claims Boreanaz grabbed, kissed, and fondled her - and then "masturbated in front of her."

Then the suit alleges in October, Boreanaz, who famously had an affair with Rachel Uchitel, told Hagan "he and his wife had argued because there were reports of his infidelity" coming out - and that he and Hagan would have to "cool it."

Kristina is also suing Fox and Bones' production company for failing to take corrective action against Boreanaz. The actor's rep told TMZ in a statement:

"The allegations concerning any alleged inappropriate conduct by David Boreanaz are totally fabricated and absurd. There is no validity to this lawsuit."

Just when you think there can't possibly be another sex scandal involving David Boreanaz, he drives around with a cute extra and goes to town on himself.


Completely agree with you Truly, except it wasn't just one time. He's been doing it for years and he himself used the word 'infidelities.' I think this girl is full of BS, though.


David is so innocent. This lady is in it for the money and fame, if she was 'scared' the first time, why would she go into his trailer again? Its true he cheated on his wife, but thats because he is confused and doesnt love her anymore. Sexually harrasing someone is a totally different story and David would never do such a thing. Now he is just bait for other stupid bitches that want to make money off of him because of the one time he cheated on his wife. Im on DB's side!


Oh please, you talk about him, like you wouldn't want him, to send you his dick on a photo? this man is A HOT MAN! I wouldn't deny him to "rape" me if he wanted.


What a JERK. I KNOW this happened, because he tried the same shit on my friend. The non-stop sexting, sending naked pics of himself, masterbating in his trailer, and car....ALL OF IT IS HIS M.O. He is a PERVERTED, PATHETIC excuse for a man. MORE WILL COME. His wife is a fool to stay with this DIRTBAG.


Bullshit. There is a huge difference between a man cheating on his wife and sexually harassing another woman. I completely agree with Samantha and Peaches. This is just a desperate, whiny extra craving for attention and looking for a big payday, since he didn't come through on his promise to find work for her. She's taking advantage of the stigma against him right now, because of him admitting his infidelity and she's looking to make money out of it. There are too many holes in this story for me to believe it. Way too fishy.


Boreananz Boner..sounds the same to me!!


Come on! "Another encounter allegedly occurred" so she wasn't scared "stiff" the first time he supposedly started pulling on his wanker she put herself in that position a second time? Yeah, right! Can somebody repeat after me "Show me the money!"


Kristina Hagan always tried to trap the young sexy men. She always dresses sexually everyday when dealing with the men in her roofing business. Her second husband is a young man, he let her decide everything in his business. She got a degree in Marketing and she is so good at marketing her roofing business. I wonder if suing David is her another marketing strategy for her business? I wonder David harassed her or she trapped another young sexy guy? David couldn't deny when someone dress sexy appealing him closer and closer?


His wife should dump him now. He's a pig and an embarrassment.


IS THAT A BANDWAGON? Here let me get on. I have a passing aquaintance with him. I would BONE the hell out of that vampire.

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