Kristin Davis Casts Doubt on Sex and the City 3

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Sex and the City 2 received worse reviews than Danielle Staub Raw.

Therefore, even the most diehard fan of this franchise should probably be relieved that a third installment is likely not on the way, as Kristin Davis was asked about it this week and told E! News:

Tokyo Premiere

"I don't think so, not that I know of. I wish it was so that we were continuing but I don't know."

Davis grew defense when the topic of the film's poor reviews and poor box office take were broached, saying: "We made 300 million internationally. There was so much hype, not coming from us, but the media hyped it up and then they tore it down."

They tore it down because it was awful and insulting! The characters, once so relatable to women around the world, have become grotesque, shallow and self-centered.

Who thought it was a good idea to watch Carrie and company flaunt their wealth and their cultural ignorance in the Middle East throughout the sequel?

With Davis saying Sex and the City 3 "is not looking great," we say: good riddance.

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