Kristin Cavallari, Brody Jenner Discuss The Hills' Climactic Scene, Fake Relationship

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With tearful goodbyes, key story lines wrapped up and a post-show appearance by former star Lauren Conrad, much fanfare surrounded The Hills finale.

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    Dude, who wastes their time watching this crap? Not to be rude but really? Rich kid drama? Don't we get enough drama in our personal lives? But to watch it? And some like to renact it which is even worse! I see so many kids trying to be like the girls from the hills.. Its one thing to be interested in it, but leave the drama where it is! On t.v!! Its supposed to be for entertainment not for viewer's reality.. Come on people...


    WHat dA FuK wAZ diiZ sHiiT?! I th0t iT waZ K00 @ fiirZt bUh tiiL LauRen LeFt, DaZ whEn iiT weNt T0 heLl!! KRiistiN fUkKed iiT up!! AiinT a HatEr bUh AudriinA cUd D0 bEtTer DeN JusTiiN.. N daT FaG RyAn.. N heiDi FukKeD uuP a GuD friieNdsHiiP wiiD LAuReN.. N ii FeEl bAd 4 DaT NiiGuH StEpHaniiE! BUh aYe wHatEveR ZatiSFiiEz AMeriiCa RiiTe?!


    Faking it for TV who would have thought...the hills were cool in the beginning but now it is SHIT!!!


    Real or fake, the cast is punking themselves.. but I still love the hills.


    Im just wondering in the 2nd last series of the hills.. kristen and justin end up together.. but then in the last series kristen starts the episode single! what happened there?


    I think it was as real as can be expected until Lauren Conrad left. Then it became painfully fake and just unwatchable ... the last two seasons were on a loop -- nightclub scene, fight in night club, lame conversation next day about fight in night club ... blah, blah, blah. And no one - aside from Stacy the bartender and Lo -- seemed to have a job or anything to do during the day. And Lord, they were constantly celebrating people's birthdays. Every other episode was a night club party for someone's birthday.


    I too was one one of the fans that believed the majority of the show was real. I mean, sure, for certain scenarios the cast was given a little "push" I thought if anything but honestly took the show seriously. I was actually very let down by the finale and actually felt duped. Oh well, that's entertainment I guess...


    Well I was one of those who actually believed the show was real. I felt stupid when it ended my boyfriend even laughed @ me....So dissapointed!!!!

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