Kristen Stewart to Twihards: Don't Murder Me!

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We mean this with all due respect, but perhaps Kristen Stewart should quit acting. She really doesn't seem to enjoy the spotlight, does she?

Aside from making inappropriate comments (such as comparing the paparazzi to rapists, which she quickly apologized for), the actress comes across as painfully awkward in interviews. It's refreshing, but it's also just strange.

Now, in an interview with British magazine Hello!, Stewart admits that she has serious fear of fame. Especially fame at the level she's achieved.

"I don't feel very comfortable on the red carpet," she said. "I look out there at a thousand people and I realize they could rush me and assassinate me. No security could protect me. Ostensibly they're fans, but I think about them turning on me."

Very Shy Stewart

Kristen says she "struggles to keep myself from crying" during public appearances and shows many signs of social anxiety disorder, a legitimate phobia that is triggered by perceived scrutiny from those around you.

There is good news for Stewart: at least she can go home and have Robert Pattinson hold her tightly every evening.


Why are you mean to her because she is awkward in public. Public speaking is the #1 fear among people in general. Since when did acting become more about public appearances than the actual art of your performance? Why are all you people haters? What did she ever do wrong? And by the way...learn to spell. Read your sound like children without educations.


i like kristen stew but peolpe needs to get over there self she just don't like fame because of the pazz's they go crazy make stuff up about her and every celebs i love kristen stew


Just figured I would put this out there, but apparently hello magazine is known for making things up, and they took alot of her quotes and mixed them up and came up with this. She never talked to the magazine. She can say some dumb things but this is one she never said and I still like her lol


If she hates fame so much then either retire or go the Kurt Cobain route. Either way I could care less what you do.


@Aspoestertjie: Leave her alone? She gave an interview to a magazine and we quoted it. What are you talking about?


Why can't you just leave her alone, I don't like millions of people hanging around me, following me, taking foto's she can't do nothing without critics she's a great actress let her be one, go KS, and why alway bring up RP he has no idea of romance he never holds her hand like her first boyfriend whom she left for RP they have to deside are they an item or not, this is getting boring, i like them as acters and their movies, but the rest nobody knows one day they are gay, next day they are an item, what's going on,

Avatar Oprah said, don't believe everything you read!!!


oh pleaaaassseee.... Is there a kind of press politics too?? C'mon people! Hello? Oh.. Well, the magazine of the Royals! The Royals..pain in the assess! Rob and Kristen were seldom in that magazine.. so why stir the pot now? Guys, just watch Lopez Tonight and see what I mean. HH, you still rock!


Get a life, Kristin honey. The world isn't All About You.


This is not gossip? Stewart commenting on her fame? Not sure why you consider to be gossip, G23.


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