Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys: Bella Who?!?

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If Kristen Stewart is shy in public areas, how might she react while giving an Oscar acceptable speech?

We're making quite the leap, of course, but the Twilight Saga star is receiving critical praise for her role in Welcome to the Rileys, a drama that comes out in October and co-stars James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo.

In the film, Gandolfini's character is mourning the loss of his daughter and treats Stewart as a surrogate for his late child, as the latter portrays a runaway stripper. It's quite the departure from Bella Swan.

We don't see a great deal of Stewart in the trailer below, but you can get an early look at her role and at the movie now:

As for Kristen's handsome boyfriend, Robert Pattinson is busy filming Water for Elephants these days. Both these stars should have bright careers long past the day the cameras stop rolling on Breaking Dawn.


Kristen stewart is a very talented actress and she really proved that in Welcome to the Rileys. I mean her performance was so astonishing. I cant see anyone else playing that role except Kristen. She did a great job in The Runaways also.


Kristen's next movie looks good-will def see it. Saw Remember Me over the weekend, thought it was a little slow but I did like it


me to can't wait i love her i just read that breaking dawn is taping at b.r. louisiana


Cant wait see WTTR!! She's talented and good actress.


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