Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: At War or On a Date?

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We're very sorry to report this, Twihards, but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are "at war" with each other.

The reason? Rob's alleged inappropriate behavior with co-star Anna Kendrick, which was caught on camera and over which Kristen confronted her man - on the red carpet of the Eclipse premiere!

Somehow - despite the presence of nearly every magazine, newspaper and cameraman in the country at the event - the only publication to notice this "breakdown" was random Australian rag Famous. But, hey, it must be true.

Just like Jessica Simpson's confirmed pregnancy, tabloids don't just make up cover stories out of thin air, do they?

Fake Cheating Scandal

Pattinson and Stewart looked quite happy and cozy when they surprised Eclipse fans in Los Angeles Monday night. Could that all have been an act?!?

As pictured below, the couple was also spotted at Hotel Café in Hollywood yesterday, attending a Sam Bradley concert.

Rob does look especially somber, but we're gonna chalk that up to paparazzi invading his personal space, not pointy, imaginary love triangles stabbing him in the heart...

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Worldwide, Robsten can generate millions in a matter of minutes! Do you still wonder why they are everywhere? They are the hottest thing in the planet....


Of course, Australian's are absolutely famous for making up stories. Nobody else in the whole wide world does that either!!!


I have read all the Twilight books and I am a huge fan. Not because it is some great piece of literature, but because I think the story is entertaining and honestly that is the point of reading fiction, for enjoyment. Anyway, onto my point. I like the movies even though they do not accurately portray the books and I do like all of the actors involved, BUT honestly I am tired of hearing/reading/seeing these two EVERYWHERE. All of the speculation about their personal lives is really starting to turn me away from the series all together. I usually don't post, but damn, can we log on to our homepage w/o a daily story about these two? JMO By the way, before I am accused of being a jealous immature teenager or overweight housewife, I am a healthy 28 year old female & happily married. Again, JMO...


lmfao this is bullshit. Nothing happened on the red carpet other than Kristen getting marked on her face accidentaly by a permanent marker. other than that everything was chill. and people said they were happy inside when they were at the concert.


Jane, is the famous "rant" of Rob to irresponsible tabs defending Kristen over the misuse of the "rape" word not good enough for you? Two super famous couple going out on a date is not that simple. They are the most wanted in the hit list of those rabid papps__So its not in their control of who walks first or enter the car first. Its their repective bodyguards who take the helm when it comes to their safety. Probably, you haven't seen another picture of Rob being photographed flat face upon entering the car. An indication that the frenzy is mostly on the left side of the car. Bear in mind that Rob always knew of Kristen's legendary experiences with papps....... Now, do you still wonder why they don't love twitter?:(


Robert Pattinson needs to remember his manners, if he has any. He is shown coming out of the Sam Bradley concert walking in front of Kristen and then getting in the car also in front of her. This behavior is saying to me that he thinks he is better than she is. He needs to act like a gentleman and remember the manners that his parents have taught him. Robert, your actions speak louder than your words.


THAT is why you will always be "Down Under"!


What garbage! Now that Rob and Kristen are starting to date openly, you start "reporting" horrendous lies about their relationship - exactly why Kristen wanted to keep their relationship private. That photo of Rob and Anna was during the filming of Twilight while the cast was out together.


Rob is delicious! I'd eat him up ;-)


Oh leave them alone for Chirst Sake!!! Just another couple out to dinner big whoopy freaken doo!! Don't the aussies have anyone else to bother???!!!