Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: At War or On a Date?

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We're very sorry to report this, Twihards, but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are "at war" with each other.

The reason? Rob's alleged inappropriate behavior with co-star Anna Kendrick, which was caught on camera and over which Kristen confronted her man - on the red carpet of the Eclipse premiere!

Somehow - despite the presence of nearly every magazine, newspaper and cameraman in the country at the event - the only publication to notice this "breakdown" was random Australian rag Famous. But, hey, it must be true.

Just like Jessica Simpson's confirmed pregnancy, tabloids don't just make up cover stories out of thin air, do they?

Fake Cheating Scandal

Pattinson and Stewart looked quite happy and cozy when they surprised Eclipse fans in Los Angeles Monday night. Could that all have been an act?!?

As pictured below, the couple was also spotted at Hotel Café in Hollywood yesterday, attending a Sam Bradley concert.

Rob does look especially somber, but we're gonna chalk that up to paparazzi invading his personal space, not pointy, imaginary love triangles stabbing him in the heart...

Cute Concert Goers
Somber Rob

Robert and Kristen aren't meant to be. And they've never been together!


rob u made a big mistack kristen is the right girl i think u two should just work it out and make things better and rob never do wat u did again


Rob is so effing hot OMG!! just the thought of him.....Oh let me stop!! Take Heed everyone the Tabloids and Paparazzi can make you, and when they get tired of you, they can break you, only if you let them, everyone is just trying to make quick buck, even if that means talking trash about someone else, so they can pay there delinquent bills....effing jerks.


This sh*t is unbelievable! Lets just look at everyone crossed-eyed so we can make up any story we want?..please! Something else these poor people need to defend now,,,leave them alone!!


kristen is a pretty young 20 yr old, she has a lot going for her and im sure theirs alot of available young men her age that she would find attractive, im sure they would want her ,and not because she is a costar trying to jump ahead of her for their own selfesh fame. kristen you are too pretty to accept seconds from no man.certainly dont let him use you or gain from you.youve worked to hard. he seams to enjoy getting on your nerves .he is jealous of you. if he doesnt mean you any good let him go.


The picture of Rob and Anna is from the Twilight shoot. Not a current picture!


These magazine people just want money. There is nothing but RobSten for R-Patz. Seesh people leave him alone.


i found the second story(the photo of kristen below the 'love triangle story') really funny, Kristen's Waitloss?? i haven't noticed anything, and no other websites or magazines have mentioned anything. That made me laugh so much, this magazine makes up a lot of crap, as you can tell about the 'love triangle' story


You motherfuckers are very stupid if you think Patz has anything going on with anyone but Kristen. That picture was a gag --- cutting up. He is hopelessly in love with Kristen


ooo my god anna and rob had a little fling in the first movie...and on the red carpet rob and kristen could not keep their eyes off each other! and everyone knows rob and kristen are together!...magazines are just blowing this way out of poportion!.D:>

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