Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: At War or On a Date?

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We're very sorry to report this, Twihards, but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are "at war" with each other.

The reason? Rob's alleged inappropriate behavior with co-star Anna Kendrick, which was caught on camera and over which Kristen confronted her man - on the red carpet of the Eclipse premiere!

Somehow - despite the presence of nearly every magazine, newspaper and cameraman in the country at the event - the only publication to notice this "breakdown" was random Australian rag Famous. But, hey, it must be true.

Just like Jessica Simpson's confirmed pregnancy, tabloids don't just make up cover stories out of thin air, do they?

Fake Cheating Scandal

Pattinson and Stewart looked quite happy and cozy when they surprised Eclipse fans in Los Angeles Monday night. Could that all have been an act?!?

As pictured below, the couple was also spotted at Hotel Café in Hollywood yesterday, attending a Sam Bradley concert.

Rob does look especially somber, but we're gonna chalk that up to paparazzi invading his personal space, not pointy, imaginary love triangles stabbing him in the heart...

Cute Concert Goers
Somber Rob

there is not true...I read in our magazine "BRAVO" that Anna likes Rob and then,as in the foto she tryed to kiss him but Rob turn it into joke and she supported him.I think that journalists just can't find something new about Robsten and use the old information and fotoes)


oh and i bet anna kendrick wanted this to happen she likes rob but u can tell she was pissed wen she found out kristen and rob started to date robert falls in love with every one which guy or girl dosnt its just love u got to go through pain to experince the joy


i think robert should find someone better cuz every time he talks about kristen kristen dosnt like it she is so "cold" to him and hes deeply in love with her and she aint every time he trys to hold her touch her kiss her she pulls away there love was strong but no that there bring up old pics its stupied papz are ruinig every peopls relationship fuck lave them alone but i sill say rob needs some one better who will love him back very strongly


OMG...the picture of Rob and Anna was 1.5 years ago when they were filming Twilight and see their faces on that picture. It was a joke. We do it with our friend. At that time, Kristen was still with Michael Angarano.


kristen i think that you deserve someone better, someone who would treats you right and will always be there when you need him... and i don't think robert is that man anymore ..... no a fence r a wonderful girl and u r so beautiful and i love your acting skill... wish u all the luck in the world kristen, love ya so much, don't want to see u get hurt...


Beside, the picture of him and Anna is YEARS ago.


OMG! You guys are just jealous because Rob Pattinson chose to be with Kris, right?
Rob is perfect, and he's far more perfect because he has Kris on his side. Get it?
They are together and will always be.


this thing is bs i don't believe any of it just papz trying to ruin another relationship thats in good standing


rob precious, anyone but nasty,grumpy,bossy kristen. you are too young to get serious. believe me i know the harm it could do. find a nice mature girl who will love you always and NOT inshow business. i think someday you will be sick of it all and go back to london where you were happy. you have enough money to do that now. i just never want to see that wonderful smile and great personality vanish because of heartbreak, love you rob--God bless


I saw so many videos and photos of Kristen and Rob totally enjoying being with each other on the red carpet at the premiere and at the after party. I didn't see any negative drama between Rob and Kristen. The photos in the tabloid were taken at the time when they weren't even together on the red carpet. The only negative drama was when someone wrote on her face by accident. They were both totally happy during the event. (whether they are a couple or not)

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