Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: At War or On a Date?

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We're very sorry to report this, Twihards, but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are "at war" with each other.

The reason? Rob's alleged inappropriate behavior with co-star Anna Kendrick, which was caught on camera and over which Kristen confronted her man - on the red carpet of the Eclipse premiere!

Somehow - despite the presence of nearly every magazine, newspaper and cameraman in the country at the event - the only publication to notice this "breakdown" was random Australian rag Famous. But, hey, it must be true.

Just like Jessica Simpson's confirmed pregnancy, tabloids don't just make up cover stories out of thin air, do they?

Fake Cheating Scandal

Pattinson and Stewart looked quite happy and cozy when they surprised Eclipse fans in Los Angeles Monday night. Could that all have been an act?!?

As pictured below, the couple was also spotted at Hotel Café in Hollywood yesterday, attending a Sam Bradley concert.

Rob does look especially somber, but we're gonna chalk that up to paparazzi invading his personal space, not pointy, imaginary love triangles stabbing him in the heart...

Cute Concert Goers
Somber Rob

kristen please forgive him. i want u both to be together always as in twilight


AH shut the hell up :/ This pic is OLD OLD and IF Rob and Kris fought bout it, it would have happened AGES ago.And I'm pretty sure Anna hates Rob cuz he turned her down . The freak(Anna) said that none of the girls like Rob.Oh yeah,Anna?What am I , Kristen and like a million people and YOU? It was just a joke anyway.


i think she should for give him and i think those 2 were realy ment for each other there so cute together
but i also think that if he hurts her he should get is hiny kicked something terribale! just cuz i luv kristen and i'ed hate to see her get hurt but i dont think this is so bad. its not like he was cheating. i hope


Kristen, please dont be so hard and mean to Robert, He seems to be so good to you. In your movies twilight you both look so happy. It would be nice to see that in real life also. Dont give up on her Robert. Also Kristen just think about ur love for him from twilight and let that love from the movie happen in real life. you to look so god together.


i wish that kristen and robert maried also i wish that i meet u someday


Kristen u are so lovely and robert u are so handsome


hi Kristen and Robert u are sooooooooo sweet in twilight


hi my name is jennifer diapolit came from philippines kristen stewart and robert pattinson are so sweet, they are lovers forever


hey guys this pic is from 2008 so dont do that nonsense and rehash the goofy things we were doing 2 years ago and everyone was with different ppl so plz stop the fabricated b.s. and quit the untrue comments thanks , cindy from ind


hi u are so cute when u are together i wish someday you will become an husband and wife

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