Kendall Jenner on Controversial Bikini Shoot: It's All Good!

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As much as it pains us, we must give Kendall Jenner some credit.

The 14-year old half-sister of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian responded this week to the controversy surrounding her recent photo shoot. Instead of getting on some high horse and telling the world to focus on more important issues (we're looking at you, Miley Cyrus), Kendall came across as mature and understanding of the situation.

"I am excited to be working as a model, doing what I love to do," she told People. "My entire family was very supportive, though my dad was a bit concerned at first, he knows that I am responsible enough that I wouldn’t do anything I wasn’t ready to do, or didn’t want to do.”

In a String Bikini

Kendall continued:

“Going into this shoot, it was never my intention to be provocative or too racy. It was a beach shoot, and I was wearing beachwear. I am happy with my age, and am not trying to rush into anything too soon. I look forward to all the milestones my teens have to offer - Sweet 16, turning 18, and so on.”

We still believe Jenner should wait a few years before donning so few items of clothing in a nationally-published shoot.

But at least she recognizes the reasons behind the scandal and acknowledges that she's barely even a teenager. Gotta give her - or the publicist behind this statement, really - props for handling the situation in such a straightforward manner.


she's not pretty she looks like a horse. and for a 14 year old she is revealing way too much. most of this age are more modest and don't like to flash the goods I know i swim at apool and they wont even take their suits off to shower!!! and being a female at 14 I would rather have died than show skin, I don't care. these people deliver their own babies and walk aroudn the house witout clothes all the time most people aren't as comfortable with their bodies and the Kardashian girls are aware of this. so this is a real unusual family. take it for what it's worth.


just chill, have any of you people criticizing her ever been to a beach or lake? i always see tons of little girls running around in bikini's like that it's not really a big deal. who cares if she wants to be a model. there are plenty of teens modeling so why aren't you trashing them too.


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Mamma is 'whorin another one out? I wonder if Kris and Bruce still do blow w/ OJ?

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