Kendall Jenner Kontinues Modeling Kareer, Konklusion of Childhood

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We take it back. Charice undergoing Botox treatment may not have been this week's Sign of the Apocalypse.

Instead, that dishonor falls to Kendall Jenner and her most recent set of modeling photos.

The 14-year old half-sister of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian signed a professional contract a year ago.

She posed for her first official shoot in January, bidding her childhood goodbye and wasting little time entering the world that has produced millions of dollars for her family, along with an equal number of critics who can't believe fans of these people actually exist.

As seen here, Kendall is doing her best impression of her older siblings, donning beachwear for photographer Nick Saglimbeni. Kim, naturally, sees nothing wrong with a 14-year old striking such poses.

"I am so proud of Kendall. She’s going to take over the modeling world... you just watch," Kim blogged last week. “She is truly an inspiration to all young girls out there... follow your dreams, work hard and your efforts will pay off.”

Right. Because Kendall clearly worked oh so very hard to accomplish this goal.

The youngin has made it clear she wants to emulate the careers of Kim and company - but don't get any ideas, Ray J. Put down that phone and put away that video camera. She's only 14 years old.

Kendall Photo

These shots of Kendall Jenner make the outfits worn by Miley Cyrus seem mature and appropriate by comparison.


I don't think she should be anyone else but herself. she's 14 for Goodness sakes. let her be 14. Kids grow up too fast as it is. It's a real shame that this family needs to "show off" their beauty in this way. Yes, they all have potty mouths and it only takes away from their beauty as women. Poor Mason has it bad enough with loser scott as a dad but to have to hear all the bad mouths 24/7. He's sure to grow up with the wrong means to express himself. I understand that words are just words but why make yourself look dumb, stupid and too lazy to use correct and proper english?


It's all about the MONEY!!! nothing more nothing less, the Kardashians will do anything to make it!!! Money is there God!
And damn I have never seen such an uneducated fowl mouthed bunch before. One thing money cant buy, is class!


she is hot! :)


I don't mind her modeling either... as long as she's modeling CLOTHES. She's too young for sexy bikini shoots you morons. Doesn't this country have enough pedophiles (that are living amongst the general population mind you)? I guess they don't have dangerous sex offenders in affluent neighborhoods.


I think she is given the wrong advice from her parents and sisters because they all do the same thing. Model. There is no other talent apart from modelling which i think is a shame because she can do something better with her life, i think she is also too young to model but that is my opinion.


I do not have a probably with her or models and understand that they have to start young only cuz there career is so short lived. My probably is that they grow up WAY TOO FAST and will always be judge on their looks for the rest of there lives. They end up feeling like that is all there worth. I only support this career if they look and act their age-wear the age appropriate clothing, not this skimpy thing that gross pervs can drool over.


She's beautiful models have to start young, some of the models only last up to 30 so you can't start at 25, if you have it use it. (why do people like lady Gaga she's facke she uses signs, "blood" on her video's to get famous, that's sick)


Let her be fourteen! This is crazy.


I think she is super pretty and Im glad for her....although it sucks for girls who want this there whole life and it just fell into her lap...but hey thats how the cookie crumbles...and BTW hollywood incase you havent noticed most kids today dress like prosta-tots....but only incase you didnt notice......


Yeah, what's your problem? She is a very pretty girl. She reminds me more of Khloe than Kim. Hey- if she has got it--Go for it... What's the matter THG--you jealous?


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