Kellie Martin to Miley Cyrus: Go to College!

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For weeks, THG has been offering Miley Cyrus advice: put on pants, cut out the desperate antics, focus on country music - and shut up.

But what do we know about it? We're simply a (very attractive) celebrity gossip blog. We can't relate to the life of a teenage celebrity.

Kellie Martin can, however. The actress rose to fame on the sitcom Life Goes On and has remained grounded, most recently recurring on ER as the character of Lucy Knight and guest-starring on episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

Asked by if she had any advice for Miley, Martin replied:

"Go to college.  I really think that saved me.  Fred [Savage] went to Stanford, Mayim [Bialik] went to UCLA, I went to Yale... It’s really, really important to get an education because when all of this is gone, then at least you have your education."

Kellie Martin

Martin appears to be a fan of Miley's, adding: "She’s wildly talented, little Miley Cyrus, and she has a sweet family.  If she went to college, she’d be totally set. She’d be set forever.”

It's true that none of the childhood stars cited above have been arrested, gone bankrupt or had compromising photos of themselves released online.

Wouldn't it be great if Cyrus followed the advice? It's just a shame no one offered it to Lindsay Lohan.


*Also note* college also teaches discipline and it made me "grow up" and these are skills that aren't able to be taught just anywhere. Miley has a crew that is at her "beck and call" and I highly doubt she is receiving the discipline at home.


mfan: why are you being defensive? I think it is ridiculous that some put down college education since learning should be lifelong (no matter what form). When one decides to attend college it is important to research and figure out what would be helpful for them in the future and what will provide a stable income. My college degree has been a blessing and though I fully respect those that are successful without extra education...I am so glad I went to school :)


you people are calling her sluty, but when i think about slutty disney people, i only think of vanessa hudgens, she's the one with the nude photos
twice !


@Claire, Your post didn't show up until I posted mine. FYI, Miley is already studying business administration. One of the advantages of "home schoolingZ" (she actually has a tutor), is that she can custumize her learning to her particular situation. She has already stated that she is studying accounting and business. There is no reason to wait until college to study that, and I repeat, if she wanted to keep studying it, she would simply keep having a tutor instead of going to a mass production education factory.


I'm trying to think what Miley could possibly learn at college, even in theory, and I can't think of anything. A particular skill? She can hire experts in their fields to tutor her one on one. Discipline? Miley didn't get where she is without being a workaholic. Broaden her view of life? She has multiple careers going and would do and be more if she had time. Self reliance? She started her own successful Youtube show she easily could have monetized if her management didn't fear it would make her look greedy. Truthfully, Miley is the head of a business that employs lots of people in multiple areas. She employs people in the music and dance industry. She employs people in the movie industry. And as Hannah Montana, I once calculated that 2,000 people at Disney owe their jobs to her success. College can't teach Miley anything.


Kelly is right.. Even if Miley is "set for life", we need to remember that $$ isn't everything. Money can come and go at a blink of an eye. College isn't about making a fortune. It's teaches you discipline and independence. Just imagine, IF ( that's a very big IF ) everything else fails for Miley, at least she has the education to go somewhere.. THAT will se her for life.


The only thing that Miley Cyrus and Kelly Martin have in common is that Kelly Martin had a retarded brother on "Life Goes On" while Miley has a real life retarded brother.


I just had to laugh at this post. Really??? A D list has been who never really was famous and never made much money is telling a A list Celebrity that probably makes a million a day what to do. Really??? That was so funny. Thax.


In response to the comment above, I have a different view. College isn't just about future earnings potential. It teaches discipline, self-reliance (good bye, personal assistant!) and broadens your view of life in a (fairly) safe environment. Many teen stars have been saved by simply exploring life outside of Hollywood's gilded cage. Money and fame does not buy happiness. I do agree, however, that college is way too expensive these days. Something must be done. The declining respect for 'blue collar work' has left many feeling college is the only path to success, throwing off the whole supply/demand structure. Have you hired an electrician lately? They make pretty good dough. Still, college opens up many doors. The education you receive is more than academic. I wish everyone who wished to go would be given the means to do so.


The previous poster is right. Miley doesn't need college. She's already smart, gifted and earning millions of dollars a week. That's not going to stop. She's set for life.


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