Kellie Martin to Miley Cyrus: Go to College!

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For weeks, THG has been offering Miley Cyrus advice: put on pants, cut out the desperate antics, focus on country music - and shut up.

But what do we know about it? We're simply a (very attractive) celebrity gossip blog. We can't relate to the life of a teenage celebrity.

Kellie Martin can, however. The actress rose to fame on the sitcom Life Goes On and has remained grounded, most recently recurring on ER as the character of Lucy Knight and guest-starring on episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

Asked by if she had any advice for Miley, Martin replied:

"Go to college.  I really think that saved me.  Fred [Savage] went to Stanford, Mayim [Bialik] went to UCLA, I went to Yale... It’s really, really important to get an education because when all of this is gone, then at least you have your education."

Kellie Martin

Martin appears to be a fan of Miley's, adding: "She’s wildly talented, little Miley Cyrus, and she has a sweet family.  If she went to college, she’d be totally set. She’d be set forever.”

It's true that none of the childhood stars cited above have been arrested, gone bankrupt or had compromising photos of themselves released online.

Wouldn't it be great if Cyrus followed the advice? It's just a shame no one offered it to Lindsay Lohan.


@lol The idea of college doesn't bother me. The idea of telling someone else what is right for them, seemingly based on what you think is right for you, is juvenile. Discipline involves governing yourself. The people who say college will somehow help with that are probably thinking in terms of work output. Miley's work output is already in the top one tenth of one percent of everyone in the country. She often gets less sleep than you or I. I'm glad you and Miley are in agreement that the way you dress says alot about you. As Miley told the American Idol contestants, your vibe in regards to how you dress should match the kind of music you do. Since Miley is going into Rock, she is dressing like a Rocker. See Lita Ford, Joan Jett, or even Par Benatar. I like your screen name, Lol, because that is also the name of the movie that Miley is filming beginning next week in Detroit.


And that is true @lol!!!
It is unfortunate but very true...


@blaize: Unforunately in our society, the way you dress tells a lot about the way you are.


@mfan: Do you know why the idea of college bothers you? You might want to find out. Your right though, college doesn't make you grow up, though unfortunately nor does life. Lots of people never mature, and that's because most young people have no guidance for that sort of thing. Also, it would be good for you to find out what it really means to have discipline.


@Alicia, I am being defensive because people are using the college thing to unfairly criticize Miley. Your own comment that she would learn discipline there ignores that she is already a workaholic who works or does charity almost all the time! In fact, we will probably be able to tell when she is planning to get married because there will be a gap in her schedule. Maybe in college you will learn to be more specific than saying it will help you "grow up". Life does that, with or without college. @Tilly, Miley has already learned some aspects of Business Administration like accounting, investing, and calculating interest. She will continue to learn as she goes as head of her many businesses. @destiny, Danielle Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, posed absolutely nude in a West End play when he was 17 years old. You should badmouth him and refuse to watch Harry Potter, since he's done much worse than anything you imagine Miley to have done. Or are you a sexist?


@Destiny: Hmm, you've just called Miley the bitch and yet you're the one who just LABELED A STRANGER AS A SLUT FOR THE WAY SHE DRESSES, whined about how she always gets what she wants, and admitted to always hating this girl. Sounds pretty bitchy to me. And you also implied that it's only okay for someone to dress provocatively if they're in their mid 20's. Who do you think you are? Since when is it up to YOU to determine when a person can or can't express their sexuality?


Kelly is right, and Kelly has always been cool. Miley needs to go to college to grow up more than anything. Growing up (maturing) is not done by wearing sleazy outfits and saying it's because "I'm growing up".


Miley cyrus is heading down the wrong path. Her new album isent making much money because everyone think shes a slut and i agree. Like why would you dress like that. I know that their are alot of celeberties that are sluty but at least there in there mid 20. Ahah well i dont really care because ive always hated miley cyrus, the way i see it is that she didnt work for what she has she got it handed to her because of who her dad is. She a spoiled \BITCH and im sure some people would agree with me. GO EMINEM!!


Hey are Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez going to college?


mfan you need help too, do you honestly believe that Miley can actually learn Business Administration??? seriously??? Then why would she go around sending negative messages all over the world doesnt her Tutor teach her how one should act to secure her business??? Guys this is just pathetic for real. Go to college you idiot!!


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