Ke$ha Music Video Stills Released for "Take It Off"

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Like Adam Lambert, Ke$ha may not be loved by everyone out there, but even her harshest critics must admit:

This singer aims to entertain.

She also brings her own style to every music video, including the latest for the single "Take It Off." We've previewed it below, via a few still images from the unreleased video. What do you think?

Take a listen below to "Take It Off." Sounds like classic Ke$ha to us: zero vocal talent, but an addictive beat.


@Me umm adam DOESN'T HAVE BOTH! he doesnt have any talent what so every! KE$HA on the other hand does have talent she does have REAL VOCAL TALENT and no whore u cant sing it as well as her. instead of talkin shit why dont u buy here album and listen (especially to her ballads) and listen to some of her unreleased songs! KE$HA ROCK$!!


@Hilton Hater: Yes, but as the article states, while the song does have an addictive beat, she has no real vocal talent. I (or nearly anybody else) could sing it just as well as she does. Adam Lambert has BOTH. Sorry, but Kesha does not.


@Michelle: Did you see Adam's most recent video? He's similar to Ke$ha in how much effort each puts in to be unique and give us a whole lot more than a mere singer at a mic.


Umm...what does Adam Lambert have to do with anything here? Except generating web hits by mentioning him in the article. Clever.


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