Katy Perry: Nude on "Teenage Dream" Cover

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It's not the first time we've seen Katy Perry nude, nor will it be the last. But the pop star certainly made sure her new album, Teenage Dream, was aptly named.

On the just-revealed cover for her upcoming album, she reveals some serious skin, naked and flat on her belly, with a thin cloud strategically placed just right.

Katy, who recently compared Miley to Britney, certainly isn't shy about using her own sexuality to sell music. In fact, of her top two assets, neither is her voice.

Just saying.

According to the future Mrs. Russell Brand, the forthcoming album will "smell like cotton candy." Sounds really sweet. As sweet as her topless Esquire spread?

You'll have to be the judge of that ...

Katy Perry Nude Picture

We've never seen a cloud form like that before. Nature. Always amazing.


I wanna see her butt and breasts just obscured enough to show the smallest amount of aureole/nip. Her face and feet are wonderful, as is the rest of her that's visible on the cover.


your pussy is very hard


I wanna see her butt!


i dont think its supposed to be a cloud.. more like cotton candy


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