Katy Perry Compares Miley Cyrus to Britney Spears

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Last month, Miley Cyrus compared herself to Britney Spears.

Now, Katy Perry has gone ahead and done the same thing - but with a very different meaning behind it.

According to Life & Style, Perry caught a glimpse of Miley's outfits at the 2010 MuchMusic Awards and said to a friend:

"Oh my God, poor girl... She's Britney Spears all over again. It's happening right before our eyes... she's definitely headed the Britney route. It's worse. Look at those outfits. It's bad."

Hot Hot Katy

We've been saying the same thing for weeks, of course... but we don't go around posing for Esquire like this. Makes it a bit tough for Perry to present her case, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, Cyrus joined Dolly Parton on stage for a duet outside Knoxville this weekend. She actually sounded great, making her current image that much more frustrating.

As you can see below, when Miley sings country and wears clothing, she's a quality artist:


oh goody! another britney spears to make fun of, little Miley will give us at least ten more years of entertaining antics before she goes into rehab and disapears from the public eye, but by then her little sister will have replaced her, so, no worry.


@tilly: i dont think its fair that miley gets all this criticism and scarlet letter treatment for the way she dresses. i think people should have the freedom to experiment and wear whatever they feel like wearing.


My grandaugters loved Hannha Montana, now they are not allowed to watch slutty Miley. Where is her father!!!! He made her an teenage icon, what is he thinking !!


Katy perry needs to stop judging everyone like shes madonna or something. Miley has issues but she has been in the entertainment business longer than Katy and who the hell is she to run her mouth? Shes only famous for going out with Travis Mccoy and writing a song about kissing girls. Something everyone hates on Miley for. Double standards. Katy perry, get the fuck out of the music business pleassee and don't try to act like youre the best thing that happened to pop culture since Gaga, because its never gonna happen!


Miley is not going to turn out like Britney!!I guess only time will tell!!


Blaize are you saying that Miley is justified because older pop stars are dressing like sluts too? So if older pop stars dress like that then Miley, Taylor, Selena, Demi and Vannessa should all follow suit and dress like Tarts???
l actually thought about this, people give good advice when its coming from experience you say Katy is worse well then she would know (by experience) that Miley is headed that way wouldnt she??? Think about that.


I said the same thing when this little bitch came out. God, she's annoying.


katy is a grown women. miley is a teen who is going the britney route for sure. katy has always had her sex symbol style and dressed like that in her carreer. miley started out snging pop songs and wearing overalls. thats what katy is saying.


So says the woman who dresses just as provocatively (sometimes even more so than Miley) and wanted to give the girl a lesbian kiss last year. Katy also criticized Lady Gaga in a similar way. I think she's jealous. If Katy really did say this stuff then she's a hypocrite. Katy Perry criticizing Miley Cyrus for dressing sexy is like Lady Gaga criticizing Taylor Momsen for the way she dresses. You can't have adult pop stars being super sexual and then expect teen pop stars to be innocent. What 17/18 year old doesn't want to be seen as sexually attractive?


I love Katy even more now:) haha and yes poor Miley.

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