Katy Perry Compares Miley Cyrus to Britney Spears

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Last month, Miley Cyrus compared herself to Britney Spears.

Now, Katy Perry has gone ahead and done the same thing - but with a very different meaning behind it.

According to Life & Style, Perry caught a glimpse of Miley's outfits at the 2010 MuchMusic Awards and said to a friend:

"Oh my God, poor girl... She's Britney Spears all over again. It's happening right before our eyes... she's definitely headed the Britney route. It's worse. Look at those outfits. It's bad."

Hot Hot Katy

We've been saying the same thing for weeks, of course... but we don't go around posing for Esquire like this. Makes it a bit tough for Perry to present her case, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, Cyrus joined Dolly Parton on stage for a duet outside Knoxville this weekend. She actually sounded great, making her current image that much more frustrating.

As you can see below, when Miley sings country and wears clothing, she's a quality artist:


@Tilly I agree Katy can say whatever she likes. So can the posts of Hollywood. So get over it. Oh and I hate Miley Cyrus but I wanted to hug her when she thrashed Twilight.


I think that what miley is wearing in the photo above dosen't look like her.
Do u?


Why is it that if a 16 or 17 year old girl dresses sexy, people assume that she's doomed to go down the path of drugs, alcohol abuse, rehab visits, dui's, and jail like Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan? That's such a stereotype. Christina Aguilera and Beyonce were provocative as teenagers and they didn't go down that path.


The only reason britney was in rehab and so on, was b|c of the stupid paparazzi!!!


Um are you guys forgetting? Miley made Katy a star. Katy cant sing, so Miley wanted her kicked off her background singing team. She bought Katy singing lessons, and after staying home one concert she was "discovered". Now Katy's pretending to not even know Miley, though we know whos the more talented one


If I was Miley I would respond by saying: "Isn't this the hypocrite who faked her sexual orientation mocking true bisexual women and lesbians in a stupid song? Who the fuck does Katy think she is!"


Hollywood why do you try to bring people down? They are just expressing their opinions here and you go on and shut them down by calling them names and all sorts of things. I dont think its right, its kind of like bad publicity for Miley too when you reply with such vile words. I just sort of noticed that, so yeah... thats it.


Oh Hollywood... here we go again!! You really try to be smart but its not working, just because someone has ben in the business for long it doesnt mean that they are experts!! Duuh, Katy Perry can not be another Britney... she is past that age, and besides there is no doubt that Katy doesnt like wearing clothes... thats a fact, that we need not argue about, if you actually read my post then you would understand thats if you actually have a reasonable IQ. Katy is allowed to say what she wants when she wants about who she wants... she is being honest just like you Hollywood said is okay for Miley when she badmouthed Twilight... so now we have different rules for Katy???? And besides she isnt even saying it in a bad way...


Amm is Katy Perry not naked in her latest video?????


@Tilly: As always---your debates are full of holes and filled with nothing but bitterness...@Blaize is quite correct. According to who has been in the business longer---Miley should be giving Katy advice---Not the other way around. If you'll look,@Tilly,right here on THIS Article you can see two different picture's of Miley and one of Katy Perry---WHO has on the MOST Clothes? Or is your vision too skewed to see clearly?? What a warped little individual you are. Good-luck with that. Later,hater; Hollywood---out...

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