Kate Plus 8 ... and 6 Child Labor Violations?

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If one Pennsylvania state lawmaker gets his way, Kate Gosselin's reality TV run could come to an abrupt end. Or her show could be retitled Kate Plus 2.

Rep. Thomas Murt argues that state law permits children under age seven to work in movies, but not on TV - spelling trouble for the Gosselin brood.

Bitch on a Bike

Jon and Kate Gosselin's sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah just turned six in May. Murt argues they are thus ineligible for filming.

On Tuesday, the official sent a series of letters to the state attorney general and labor secretary which questioned the legality of the work permits.

This guy either has too much time on his hands, or he really hates Kate Plus 8 ... or he's getting large campaign contributions from Jon Gosselin.

A HAPPY, EXPLOITED FAMILY: Is Kate Gosselin breaking the law?

State labor officials previously said TLC producers should have obtained work permits for the original Jon & Kate Plus 8, though no penalties were imposed.

Twins Cara and Mady, who are nine, would still be allowed to continue filming. Although that would be like most other families and slightly less interesting.

Kate has said in the past that the children love filming, though the legitimacy of that statement is highly questionable. Still, it's unclear if laws were broken.

If an investigation finds Kate in violation of state labor regulations, the plug could be pulled once again on the popular show, which just returned in June.

Somewhere, Jon is cackling with joy.

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If you can be in a movie under the age of 7, what's the difference with TV. It seems like knit picking with no common sense. They are the same kind of endeavor. Make the laws work together.


give us a break.....why in the world would the public and media let her go on and on and on to exploit her children like that just because she think she is famous....yeeeks!!!!And their will be no end because it looks like free college around the corner!!!


who ever he is he just haten people cant stand for kate to be happy and thsts just some body always tryin to take something from her or stop her show thamos murt is a haten ass bitch thats for sure leave her alone damn she do the show cus dats how she feed her kids bitch damn!!!!!!!!!!!!




Kate, I think it is your brother and two-faced , jealous sister-in-law who are behind this. If so, they need to get a life...move on or something. You are not filming that much so I don't see the problem. Maybe you could ask all the naysayers to contribute to your family's support. We enjoy your family.